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The rave scene brings out all kinds of creativity and personality in many ways; from the outfits to the totems and kandi that people create and also the variety of music and art that is expressed at the festivals as well.

There are many ways to bring out your own personal style when it comes to the rave scene. However, one thing that will take your outfits to the next level is by accessorizing! This is the ultimate guide on how to accessorize your rave fit for your next event or festival.

Glitters and Stickers

Anything glittery and shiny is what makes rave fashion iconic and unique. You can see many outfits boasting lots of rainbow colors in the form of glitter and shimmers and funky prints and materials. Take this look beyond the outfit and add more glitter everywhere! You can add glitter to your makeup, as a paste all over your body, and even your hair and to your nail as designs.

Foreign Friend Reflective UV & Reactive Body Sticker Set

If you’re looking for a cleaner alternative to glitter, body jewels are a great alternative and option to spice up any look. You can turn a simple look like a bikini top and bottom into a sparkly new look with the addition of body jewels, like these butterfly body jewels or neon body stickers.

Check out the whole selection of jewels and glitter here. There’s plenty of options and variety that you can choose from like face gems and body jewels that you can add to any look, new and old.

Lunautics Butterfly Effect Chunky Glitter


You can’t ever go wrong with jewelry! You can take your outfit to the next level and create a cohesive outfit by picking certain jewelry, especially ravey ones for festivals and shows. There is a wide variety of styles and colors for jewelry when it comes to rave fashion.

Star Quality Chain Choker

Earrings come in many different shapes and lengths and there’s so many cute designs and colors to choose from like mushroom earrings that can match a mushroom print outfit or flame earrings turn on the heat for a red outfit or outfit with fire and flame prints.

Necklaces are also a great option to add on to your outfit! Layer some chains or add some charms to some chains that match the vibe for your outfit. Check out the full selection of jewelry here.

Dark Flame Earrings

If you’re feeling extra creative, you could even make your own jewelry including necklaces and bracelets. This includes kandi as well! Every raver has received or made at least one kandi bracelet and if you haven’t, it is a great way to customize and create unique pieces to hand out to your friends or trade with strangers. 

Harnesses and Body Chains

Another choice for taking your outfit to the next level is to add harnesses to your outfits! There are many options when it comes to harnesses like different colors, styles, prints, and more.

Leg wraps are a type of harness that pair great with booty shorts that you already own as well as under skirts. Harnesses go beyond just leg wraps, there are also ones that go over your tops as well!

Something like this Country Steer Harness is a great accessory to bikini top that you might already have and pair that with leg wraps, you can turn any outfit into a sexy strappy fit! If you’re feeling extra fancy, you can accessorize with body chains and jewelry like belts and leg chains, like this butterfly leg chain for example.

Unisex In The Zone Neon Clasp Chest Harness

Shades and Glasses

Wearing shades to an event is definitely a fashion statement and honestly a great item to have around at a festival or raves- some venues might have blinding lights and they help protect your eyes from getting flashed by lasers or strobe lights.

Adding any shades that you own will turn your outfit into a new look and if you want to get festive, there’s plenty of cool sunglasses that come in unique shapes and colors! There are lots of people who will get ravey visors which makes them look like rave aliens like these alien glasses or these visors or bedazzled shades that will sparkle in the light.

If you don’t like to wear shades, there are lots of fun glasses that come in cute colors or designs that will make a great addition to your outfit like these fiery glasses or these heart shaped ones.

Escape The Matrix Glasses

Bags and Fanny Packs

There are so many stylish bags and fanny packs that will make you and your outfit pop and also provide for functional use as well! Having a bag is super handy, especially when heading to a bigger event like a festival. You can carry extra makeup and gum around with you and even some essentials like water in a hydropack, and toilet paper, especially if there’s porta potties!

iHeartRaves has plenty of stylish bags that can hold not only your essentials, but water as well! If you don’t like carrying around a big bag, a fanny pack is a great alternative that still gives you space to store items without it hurting your back. You can wear a cute purse if you have any in place of a fanny or a backpack!

There are plenty of options for purses as well like so pick out a color or shape that fits your outfit or get one that fits the vibe of a rave like this dino shaped purse.  Check out the full selection here and bring along a stylish bag to your next rave!

Dark Deception Hydration Backpack

Pashminas and Scarves

An iconic piece of accessory that you will see around a lot at raves are pashminas, which are a really cute and stylish type of scarf! They fit almost any outfit that you have and will make you fit in at any rave even if you’re just throwing it on a simple outfit and are even great to have with an all out outfit.

Pashminas are great because they keep you warm and also can be used as a mini blanket which is perfect at a festival when you want to sit or lay down on the grass. At the end of the festival, the walk back to the car is always the worse, especially if it is cold, so having a pashmina is great as a cover up and they are lightweight to store or tie to your bag.

Dark Nirvana Pashmina

Accessorizing your rave fit gives you a chance to unleash your creativity and take your outfit to the next level, from head to toe. You can mix and match pieces and colors, and play around with different combinations and styles from rave to rave.

You can’t go wrong with whatever accessory you choose and it will always make you look like your outfit took hours of planning. So walk out into the crowd and let your accessories do the talking as you dance away!

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