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What started as a small party on a family farm has since grown to become one of Canada’s most beloved festivals. From August 7 -10, Shambhala will take place on that same farm, but its family has expanded to a sold out crowd of over 10,000 each year.

Ask any one of those 10,000 people and they will tell you that Shambhala is like no other festival. Its unique vibe is due, in large part, to the organizers and their dedication to independence and sustainability. The festival has never allowed corporate sponsors. It has never served alcohol. A family has simply invited their friends over for a weekend of music and camping, then reinvested their earnings into enhancing the experience.

It's hard to put the Shambhala experience into words, but here are 3 (of many) reasons that Shambhala holds such a special place in our hearts.

1. The Music

Shambhala 2015 Lineup

Shambhala’s lineup covers a wide range of music, from dubstep to hip hop. That diversity comes from the festival’s 6 independent stages. Each stage has its own distinct vibe - like The Village's heavy bass or The Amphitheater's future sounds - which is curated by a dedicated crew of tastemakers.

Whether you’re looking for some deep chill by the river or some heady funk in the forest, Shambhala has you covered. Of course, you could easily make a weekend out of mainstream headliners like Skrillex and Kygo, but take a few steps off the beaten path and you're sure to discover a sound you've never heard before.

2. The Nature


Photo Credit: Duffy Day

Tucked away in rural British Columbia, The Salmo River Ranch is an evergreen paradise. Its towering trees and crystal-clear river serve as a central focus of the Shambhala experience. Each stage, like the riverside Living Room and the illuminated Fractal Forest, is built to celebrate the natural beauty around it.

Keeping the ranch pristine is no easy task though, so sustainability is always a top priority. The organizers maintain an organic garden, which supplies all the food served at the festival, while energy and fresh water are supplied by a custom-built conduit and waste water treatment plant.

 3. The Family


Photo Credit: Patrick Latter

Whether your a newcomer or a veteran, Shambhala instantly feels like home. The festival is driven by a community effort and the fuel is a constant supply of good vibes. If you come with an open mind, new friends and new ideas will meet you at every turn.

The secret to Shambhala's success is its ability to turn fans into passionate ambassadors. And after your first experience, it's not hard to see why many of its 10,000 attendants are returning for another family reunion.

Shambhala tickets have sold out for this year, but it's never too early to start planning for 2016!

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