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Hardcore music festivals are all about letting loose, being free, and most importantly having your bass face ready at all times. It is full of big drops and heavy bass thrown at your face, you will be constantly headbanging and jumping to the beat. Trust me!

With that being said, you will need to wear something that is not only comfortable, but also is vibrant. The visuals and lasers are so sick, having fit that people love to spread loads of positivity and fit compliments, and with my help, you will surely receive this. 

What to wear to a hardcore festival:

  • All Black Everything
  • Reflective
  • Neons
  • Edgy 
  • Accessories

All Black Everything 

“You are smoking hot!” is just a taste of the compliments you will get when you wear the right fit to a hardcore festival. Black is more than just a safe color, it can also make the right accessories and complimentary colors POP! Take a look at this fit inspo I came up with just for you babe.

I'm Unorthodox Cross-Stitched Chaps

Headbanger Hottie Halter Bodysuit

Backstage Baddie Reflective Arm Cutout Top


Reflect Off Me

With the bass going and the lasers flashing through the ground. You could easily enhance that with adding a reflective piece to your fit or even making your whole fit reflective—even better! 

Reflective fits will easily make you the center of attention in the crowd. These styles are on the rise and are quickly becoming some of the most popular pieces we're seeing at festivals. 

False Alarm Fishnet Chaps

What A Rush Rainbow Reflective Chaps


The perfect complement to an all black fit or reflective clothing is neons. These are some of our best neons that will be comfortable enough to go hard at a hardcore festival but will still get u tons of compliments on your fit! 

Ignite My Fire Lace Up Top

Close Combat Lace Up Top


If there was one style to describe hardcore festivals, it's edgy. These looks will help u channel ur inner baddie to get moving on the dancefloor! 

Fishnet Mini Skirt

U Could Never Halter Bodysuit with Leg Garters

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