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Here at iHeartRaves we love dressing up (obviously!), so you don’t have to ask twice if we love Halloween! In fact, Halloween rave costumes are probably one of our favorite things.  Whether you're attending Escape Psycho Circus, Freaknight, Freaky Deaky, we have a ton of cool rave halloween costume ideas to share with you that are made with you (and whatever weather you'll be embracing) in mind. From totally badass looks to sleek and sexy rave costumes, we've got you covered this Halloween season. Here are some of our favorite looks:

Rave Cheerleader

You've got spirit, yes you do! Show off your rave spirit with these cheerleader outfits!


Pink Cheerleader Rave Outfit

Techno Cheerleader Outfit


Neon Green Cheerleader Rave Outfit

Rage Cheerleader Outfit


Angel or Demon?

Are you naughty or nice? Show off your good-girl style with an angel-inspired costume.

Angel Rave Outfit

Lunar Glow High Waisted Thong, Lunar Glow Crop Top

Angel Halloween Costume

Aint to Angel Halloween Costume 


 Or, channel your dark side with a spooky, sexy demon look!

Demon Rave Costume

Cruel Mistress Costume


Skeleton Bae

Be a sexy skeleton with our Skeleton-themed accessories and outfits!

Skeleton Long Sleeve Bodysuit for Halloween

Holographic Skeleton Costume

Skeleton Hands Pasties

Pastease Hand Pasties

Skeleton Rave Mask Bandana

Skeleton Seamless Mask Bandana



Skeleton Hands Cropped Hoodie

Scary Skeleton Cropped Hoodie



Astronaut Or Alien

Score a look that's out of this world with an Astronaut or Alien theme. Be a sexy rave alien with one of the many alien options on the site. Or combat aliens with a sleek and sexy astronaut costume. 

Alien inspired rave outfit

Extraterrestrial Crop Top, Daisy Corsets Industrial Ege Neon Underbust Corset


Sexy Reflective Space Outfit Halloween Costume

Fast Times Reflective Triangle Top, Fast Times Reflective Mini Skirt


Astronaut Halloween Costume

Astrobabe Costume




Who says bunnies aren't sexy? Travel down the rabbit hole with these badass bunny looks:

Halloween Rave Outfit Ideas

Holographic Bondage Bunny Mask

Purple Bunny Rabbit Holographic Rave Outfit

Irridescent Dreams Underboob Corset 



Get ready to spread your wings and fly with a pair of colorful butterfly wings! This accessory comes in multiple colors and pairs with hundreds of options for bodysuits or tops/bottoms combos. 

Butterfly Wings Rave Accessories

@raine.lii and with butterfly wings 


For more animal-themed outfits, check out our Animal Themed Style Guide!


Witchin' Accessories

If you're looking for the most witchin' accessories that can elevate your 'fit, check out our Accessories page for fun finds like:

Cosmic Spells Seamless Mask Bandana

Cosmic Spells Seamless Mask Bandana


Ouija Board Rave Pasties

Ouija Pasties


Wonderland Holographic Top Hat for Raves

Wonderland Holo Snaketop Hat


We hope that you have a blast attending Halloween EDM festivals things year and that this article gave you some inspo for the best rave Halloween costume! For more Halloween costumes and accessories, check out the official iHeartRaves Halloween Collection.


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