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Greetings goblins and ghouls! It’s the most wonderful time of the year and we’re here with some makeup tricks, tips and treats to help guide you through this spooky season!

Face Paint, Sponges and Brushes - Oh my!

Some of the biggest secrets to getting these looks to really turn out is having the right tools to do so! A little bit of pre-planning and researching what you’ll need before you get started on whichever makeup look you choose makes the rest of the journey a piece of cake.. Or pie.. Or whatever treat you’re indulging in this time of year!

Anyway! With any sort of face paint, we’d recommend going waterproof when possible! Cream palettes are super easy to blend, but be sure to keep anything else away from your facial area to avoid smudging!

Lunautics x iHR Dreamy Eyed Face Jewels


Resting Witch Face

Gotta keep it in place! We don’t want to put in all this effort just to have it falling off by the end of the night! So once you’ve got your finished product, be sure to set it in place with setting spray, powder, or even applying a primer before getting started! A combo of all 3 should keep that makeup all set for the night(s) of mischief and spirits ahead!

Let’s K-I-S-S! (Keep It Spooky Simple!)

If you’re just looking to add a dash of spook without all the difficulties and trials/errors of an intricate look, we’d suggest adding some of these pre-set stickers or jewels directly to your cart! Throw on your everyday face, add these babies and voila! All set to go!

Scaredy Cat? No! Copy Cat? Yes!

Don’t be afraid to copy a little of this and a little of that! Using reference images to base your ghoulish look on can be beyond helpful when it seems like you’re stuck in a creative rut! Remember that it’s okay to look up inspiration photos and keep in mind that your final outcome doesn’t have to look exactly the same as the inspo pics!

Aw Boohoo Bloody Tears Face Stickers

Accessorize Those Devil Eyes

Whether it be with glitter, jewels, a pair of lashes or some graphic liner - this is one of the quickest ways to jazz up any Halloween look! Contact lenses are also a fun and simple way to really amp up the drama!

Oh, The Horror!

You didn’t think we’d forget the scary side of our favorite holiday, did you?! If you’re looking for the darker side or trying out some gory effects/prosthetics, liquid latex and spirit gum are going to become your new best friends! They can be a bit tricky, so we’d recommend playing around with them before giving it a first-try on the night of your next event! (Also- be weary when trying out stage blood because it does tend to stain!)

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