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Daylight peeked through the terrace roof, diffracting a mix of sunbeams and lasers across shimmering disco balls. Guys in dark sunglasses and women in club dresses sucked on lollipops, smacking their lips and smiling as they danced to thumping house music. It was 8 a.m. at Club Space in Miami.

Green Velvet, Francesca Lombardo, Carlita, and Bakke came to party on July 16. Starting his set around 4 a.m., Green Velvet dropped bangers like Barbee, Jolean, and even a remix of the iconic 1981 track Tainted Love, which had everyone in Club Space grooving. Green Velvet played a euphoric 4-hour set into the early morning hours.

Green plant vines were draped across the ceiling and mixed with neon lights to create a dark, rave jungle environment. People danced atop small platforms in the crowd. Through the chaos of Space, club workers swept brooms and mopped the floors under dancing feet. It certainly was a clean club, but watching these workers make their way through the crowd with brooms, mops, and buckets made me chuckle.

After dancing for 7 blissful hours, I walked down the stairs towards the club exit, where the walls were covered with glowing, psychedelic, rainbow paintings. Blue, neon, honeycomb lights shined bright on the ceiling. Downstairs, people lounged on couches, exhausted from an intense night of dancing. The entry and exit way to the street looked like a subway station, and when I stumbled out of the club, morning light hit my face and sweet, tropical sunshine reminded me exactly where I was—downtown Miami.

What a vibe! Looking to attend an event at Club Space? Check out their website for upcoming events: www.clubspace.com.

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