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Neon makeup and holographic makeup looks have become increasingly popular in festival makeup scene. These trends can also be seen in many accessories, bottoms, and bodysuits! Both of these styles have become my absolute favorite, and it’s exciting to dress so colorful and stand out at a rave. However, after planning a festival outfit, the next important question is  “what kind of rave makeup could I wear to match such a bright and dramatic festival outfit?!” Although your outfit is one way to express yourself at a rave, you’re also able to show your true colors through your festival makeup as well! With festival makeup, you’re able to try out so many shapes and techniques, and also find so many ways to get creative with rave glitter. As a makeup artist, I am constantly seeing makeup inspiration. Because I also love attending festivals, I am constantly creating new rave makeup looks that are perfect for festival inspiration. 

Since I have been a makeup artist for many years, I have a few tips on how to get your festival makeup looks to be as bright as possible and to last for the whole event. There are several different ways to add rave glitter to your face and eyes, depending on how long you’d like it to last. Although glitter primer (which can be found in your local drugstore or beauty store) is very effective, it won’t always hold if you have oily lids! Use eyelash glue (I recommend Duo Lash glue) in order to get a hold that will last throughout your night. Try using eyelash glue, or Lunautic Galatic Glitter Gel to hold festival face jewels, since they are slightly heavy and can slide off when you sweat. 

One other tip to getting a bright festival makeup look is to pick a base that will make your neon eyeshadow pop! A thick, creamy concealer that is 2-3 shades lighter than your skin tone will make the neon eyeshadow color stand out against your skin. In addition, blending out a white cream base on the lids before applying neon eyeshadow will not only make your eyeshadow last longer, but the colors will be a lot more intense and bright!

In this video below, I’ll be showing you step by step on how to create two separate rave makeup looks. The first one is neon eyes - featuring a green cut crease. The second look will be another neon make up look, featuring a glow-in-the-dark-purple cut crease. 

This festival makeup tutorial was done using the Lunautics Neon Green Glitzy Glitter, and the Zenon UV Reactive Glitter combined with the Mixed Floral Face Gems. Both of these neon makeup looks are incredibly bright and unique, and will be sure to help you stand out at your next festival! For more makeup tutorials like these, be sure to check out my Youtube Channel or follow me on Instagram.

Note that you should ALWAYS be extremely cautious when applying glitter around your eyes.


Elizabeth said:

LOVVVDEE this look!! can’t wait to try this out next rave ✨

Alyson Rodriguez said:

The look is so beautiful 😭🙌🏼. Thank you for posting a video🔥

Jess said:

I love your makeup looks! The purple one is my favorite! 💜

Jailian said:

She is so talented oh my goodness! I can’t wait to try to recreate the neon green look it’s so pretty!

Stacey said:

OMG that video is so good I can’t wait to try out these tips also she’s so pretty WTF

Alex said:

Great makeup! Might order some for my sisters!

Naitze said:

Amazing look! Was looking to purchase some glitters for festival I’m going to soon. Video was so helpful!!!

Kassandrs Huerta said:

Super talented and has soooo many great looks on her Twitter and IG, one of my favs 💗

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