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Festival fashion has evolved so much in the past year and it is becoming and encompassing so many different trends, and that includes makeup as well! People have always gone all out with makeup for festivals. Makeup looks get more and more unique and have become an outlet for people to express their creative side. Here are some makeup trends for festivals for 2022.

Neon and Blue Light Winged Eyeliners

Winged eyeliner has always been in style and lately the trend has evolved to include lots of bright, neon colors that really make your eyes pop. There are plenty of pigmented and colored eyeliners nowadays that add a hint of color to an otherwise simple look. Some eyeliners are also activated by blue light, especially neon colors, and they will look super trippy at a festival during the evenings.



Freckles have become trendy in recent years and have evolved to include different colors and textures! For festivals, a great way to level up your makeup with freckles is to use glitter or jewels. If you have time, you can use chunky glitter to speckle your face with a little bit of lash glue, or you can go with face jewels and place them all over your cheeks for a cute and glittery look.

Cut Crease

Cut creases have always been in style. But now the trend has evolved and many people are using bold and bright colors to cut crease or even thin eyeliner to achieve that look. For festivals, a perfect look is jeweled cut crease makeup.

There are many cut crease jewel packs that you can find here that will make it a breeze to put on. Layer it on top of a bold eyeshadow color to make your entire eye pop. You can also achieve this look with a dark black eyeliner and later individual rhinestones on top! This allows you to be flexible about the shape.

Colorful and Sparkly Lashes

When it comes to lashes, you can never have too much or go overboard with it. Strip lashes are always a good option, but many trends lately include lashes with a dash of color or lashes that have jewels on them. It adds a different dimension to your lashes and eyes and can also be cute and match your outfit!

Lashes with jewels will make your eyes glisten in the sun at a festival and will transform your entire makeup into something better.

Under-eye Shadow

Many people don’t think of adding more color to the underneath of their eyes. Doing so can accentuate your eyes and bring a different dimension into it. You can do multiple tones or even contrast the colors on top and bottom to make your eyes the center of attention!

Don’t Forget the Inner Corners!

A lot of people forget about adding color or highlighters to their inner corners. Doing this step will give your eyes a cute and soft look. Take it to the next level by adding bold colors or jewels into the inner corners of your eyes.

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