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A couple of my favorite additions to my festival makeup looks definitely have to be face jewels and chunky glitter! You can never go wrong with some decorative sparkly face jewels, or even a bright and dazzling glitter all over. I created two separate festival makeup looks using these accessories that can help elevate your rave look!

The first look shows you how to make a smokey eye with gold chunky glitter, while the second is an elaborate rainbow cut crease with rainbow heart face jewels. For these looks I used the Lunautics glitter in “24kayy”, “Dark Night Star” and the Rainbow Heart Face Jewels!

One major tip that I have when using chunky glitter for your festival makeup is to layer your look with different types of glitter! I like to use a liquid glitter eyeshadow as a base. In the video, I used the Profusion Eye Sparkler on my eyelid before applying my glitter in order to add more dimension. This also helps the glitter catch the light from all angles, which is perfect for selfies during golden hour! You can even mix loose fine glitters with chunky glitters to add this effect as well!

Another helpful tip is to spice up your winged liner by adding chunky glitter to it! This is especially great when your eyeshadow is all matte. For the rainbow cut crease, I added the “Dark Night Star” glitter to my eyeliner using a glitter primer. By doing this, it’ll help you sparkle even when the sun goes down. Add a dramatic eyelash and you’re ready to go!

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