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We’ve all been there, you’re raging your face off, giving light shows and spreading the good vibes when suddenly, something goes wrong. Maybe it’s that boiling hot water your friend just brought back? Or maybe you or a member of your crew is straight up lost. Well no worries we’ve got you covered with some simple and easy festival hacks to help you out. Whether you’re a veteran or a rave baby, these will be sure to help you out.

1) Water too hot at the free water stations? It happens when water is consistently being pumped through metal pipes in 100 degree heat. At the beginning of your night buy a lemonade with ice. Once you finish drinking that heaven (seriously, is there anything better?) transfer the ice to your hydration pack or clean canteen. If you don’t have ice, pop a mint right before you drink water. The menthol will make the water feel a little cooler than it is!

2) For all you campers out there; bring shower wipes (or baby wipes). Yes they are a thing and believe me they will save your life!

3) One more for campers. Tired of waking up with and unidentified rock stabbing you? Try placing a yoga mat under your sleeping bag, they’re light weight and easy to pack. It works wonders on dirt and rocks and keeps you in prime dancing condition for the next day of the festival.

4) Bring cough drops. I wasn’t personally acquainted with this issue until EDC, but between dusty festival grounds and yelling over the music to your crew, they’re a great thing to have around when that sore throat kicks in for day 2!

5) If you can bear to leave before the end of the last set, do so, you will thank yourself. Can’t pull yourself away from the stage? Be ready to jog to your car. A few minuets of discomfort will be worth the hours of discomfort sitting in festival traffic. It’s all PLUR till we have to leave the parking lot. But if you do pick up to your pace, do not push or shove other attendees, PSA: no one likes a pushy meanie.

6) Who else hates when they take your water bottle cap away? I know I do. Bring a few caps in with you! It will save you money on extra water because you can take said bottle to the free water station instead (winning!).

7) I’m not a fan of liter at a festival (as no one should be) but, if you really feel inclined to drop that water bottle from earlier take the cap OFF and crush it. That way when another attendee steps on it, they won’t trip and fall right on their rave booties.

8) For all my pastie girls (and guys) out there, tired of them lifting up at the edges or God forbid losing one? Invest in some roll on Body Adhesive, IT Stays is an amazing product, goes on clear, and dries without being sticky – keeping everything right where it should be!

9) Even though it’s the oldest trick in the book for all those who have a known wanderer in the crew, set up a meeting spot! We’ve all been there where we turn around and everyone’s going “where did ____ go?”. Having a rendezvous point helps to prevent loosing someone for the whole night. If you must try texting, don’t forget to add a time stamp to each text. This helps save you from a lot of confusion as you’ll know when the text was sent even if it arrives an hour later. 

10) And last but not least DON’T camp right next to a path. I’m warning you now. You will hear every single person’s commentary as they walk back to their own site. First of all, you might need that sleep and secondly, no one needs to hear about everyone else’s lives at 4 AM.

Everyone rage safe out there, stay hydrated and remember not to stress. Festivals are a place to unwind and have fun but remember to remain smart and in control! Hope to see some of you the next time your feet hit the dust for your next show.

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