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Raving is all about expressing yourself, and we're always the first people to tell you that you can wear anything you want to a rave or festival. That being said, there are some do's and don'ts of festival and rave outfits that we want to share with you. What you wear to a rave is also going to depend on things like the weather, the genre, the theme of the event, or even the people you go with. Here are our do's and don'ts for rave and festival fashion:


Forget the weather

Sometimes you do need to dress for the weather. A winter rave in the mountains is going to be cold, and it's better to throw a few dollars at coat check than to freeze all night long. On the other hand, wearing long sleeves to a festival in Southern California in July is also a bad idea. Think about the weather when you plan your rave outfit, and make changes if there are sudden heat waves or snow storms! 

Rainbow Slay Reflective Cropped Puffer Jacket

Forget sun protection

Just like the weather, you should plan your festival or rave outfit to help keep you protected from the sun. Staying sun safe is more than healthy, it can help keep your skin youthful too! We're not saying you need to wear a coat in the summer, but you can use rave clothes to keep you protected when you hit up those summer festivals. Use accessories like pashminas to cover your arms without adding sleeves, or light, flowy pants to keep your legs sun safe without getting too hot. And don't forget sunscreen! 

Dreamwave Outfit

Wear uncomfortable shoes

Most people only need to learn this lesson once: don't wear uncomfortable shoes to a rave or festival. Heels or shoes that haven't been broken in might be cute, but when you're at the rave and on the dancefloor for hours, you need to prioritize keeping your feet comfortable! If you want some height, opt for a pair of dance-safe platforms or sneakers that can give you a boost. But be sure to break them in first. You don't want blisters at the rave! 

Bad Decisions Knee-High Zip Up Boots

Bring only one pair of pasties

If you use pasties you know...always bring a spare set. You never know what could happen, and it's always better to be over prepared than in a boob crisis. That's what I always say, at least. Grab an extra set before you head to the rave and keep it tucked away in your fanny pack—or in your boot! 

Nude White Reflective Cross Pasties

Appropriate or Stereotype other cultures

What we're not going to do when we go to the rave is use it as an opportunity to turn someone's culture int a costume. Indigenous headdresses, bindiqipao's, kimono's, dashiki's, braids, and other cultural wear are more than just clothes to people in their respective cultures. In some situations, wearing this clothing represents an important milestone or event in a person's life or community. So when we wear this clothing to a rave or non cultural event it doesn't honor the culture that created the clothing, but reappropriates it without permission from the community it comes from. Be mindful of how your actions may effect other communities as you plan your outfits, and if someone within a culture is asking people not to wear something—take it to heart. 


Get creative

One of the best things about raving is getting to style a look as a creative outlet. I love planning a look in advance and taking the time to get all of the finishing touches to make it perfect. Start with a few staple pieces and then add in accessories to bring the look together. 

Liquid Tripp Spliced Outfit

Coordinate with ur besties

What's better than one it girl? Two it girls! Get your besties together to create a group look, or coordinate with your whole rave fam for something extra special. 

Happy Hour Rainbow Reflective Outfit

Happy Hour Rainbow Reflective Men's Outfit

Experiment with new styles

There is no better time to experiment with new looks and styles outside of what you normally wear than at a rave or festival. Get inspiration from some of your favorite artists or content creators and don't be afraid to try out new colors, textures, or silhouettes than what you normally wear! 

Sweet Serenade outfit


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