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Whenever I go to a show or festival hosted by Excision, I’m always blown away by the quality of sound and stage production from his sets. Thunderdome 2020 was no exception. His first stop of his Evolution Tour was at the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma, WA over January 31st- February 1st, and the inauguration of his Evolution Set did not disappoint. If you have seen his Paradox set and were amazed, his Evolution set is even more phenomenal! I only got to attend Day 2 of Thunderdome, but one day was enough for me to be mesmerized by the whole experience. Here are four reasons why you don’t want to miss Excision’s Evolution Tour!

1. The Graphics and Stage Setup: It was worth getting to the venue for the first openers, since the stage was fully set up and utilized from when the first artist started at 6:30. Artist-specific graphics were used for every set, so it was great to see a lot of variety in graphics and stage production all night instead of seeing the same generic graphics. Although the graphics used in Excision’s new stage had a very similar style to the Paradox, everything was newer and bigger. 

Excision at Thunderdome

Photo Credit: Turk Photos 


2. The Bass: Anyone who has been to an event hosted by Excision knows that he doesn’t hold back on the bass in his events, and Thunderdome was no exception! The bass in each set intensified through the night, and by the time Excision started, you could feel the whole venue vibrating from it. Liquid Stranger was the second to last set of the night on Day 2, and the bass was so intense that it felt like my soul was leaving my body.

The sound quality all night was spectacular, the venue was perfect to accommodate the amount of bass used throughout the night. One thing to note though, make sure to bring ear  plugs if you are going to the Evolution Tour! Ear protection is definitely important - I forgot to bring mine and really regretted it.

Excision Throwing X Up

Photo by Rukes


3. The B2Bs: Thunderdome had many amazing B2Bs on the lineup across the two days. I always feel like B2Bs are a treat because sometimes you get to see two artists that rarely play together collaborate on a set. One thing that blew many people away when the lineups for the Evolution tour stops were announced was the number of artists that were doing B2B sets. My favorite set (besides Excision) was Kai Wachi B2B Phase One, since they both brought their best sounds together. 


4. The Lasers: The lasers from Excision’s set was the most memorable part of the night. Excision’s team brought a ton of lasers to the Tacoma Dome for the Evolution Tour, and this added a whole new component to Excision’s set that made it even more epic. The lasers were set up in a way that made you feel like you were surrounded by them, so even if you were short like I am, you could see everything very clearly.

If Excision is playing in your city for this tour, I highly recommend that you don’t miss this! I’m still in awe over the new stage set up, and still can’t get over all the lasers. I’m really hoping he brings this setup back for Lost Lands or Bass Canyon again!


Kyra said:

Probably the best Excision show yet. (For me) My mind was blown the entire time, I don’t think my jaw ever left the ground lol. I’ve also never experienced getting goosebumps the way I did, but lemme tell ya, when I say goosebumps the whole entire set, both days, I’m not over exaggerating.

Katie said:


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