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I put together some of my favorite songs from the past year, including a few older ones that I still adore, and some of my recent releases for iHeartRaves! Music has been even more important to me in this time, as I think it has for most of us. When you can’t go out, can’t go to shows, and in my case can’t even play shows, listening to music together saves us. I’ve been going live on my Instagram (@haliene) and Twitch (@haliene_official) every weekend and singing my songs acoustic for my fans so we can stay connected.

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I assembled this trance playlist like I would my own show, with flow and dynamic so you can rave at home! I hope it brings a ray of light to you in this wild time, and reminds you that we are all connected. Remember we’re listening to music we love collectively, while we are #alonetogether.

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Here’s why I chose some of these...

Great Falls by Above & Beyond from Flow State
Flow State is probably one of my favorite albums as of late, and what the A&B guys have created is simply soul touching. I actually included two tracks from it in this playlist, as they both give you a mental rest that is so necessary in this chaotic world. That’s how I am choosing to see this time of quarantine for us as well, it’s a forced rest, a reset that we can reflect and re-position, and remember what’s truly important.

Solar Plexus by Sunny Lax
I have been a huge fan of Sunny Lax’s productions for a while now. To me, he is one of the most underrated producers out there. His chords and textures are so luxurious, so well thought out. I have synesthesia, a condition where sound activates my other senses and his productions, in particular, bring out these unique worlds and shapes in my mind. Watch out for this guy, he’s going places!

Long Way Home by Tritonal, HALIENE, Jorza and Schala
This is my recent release with Tritonal and the guys, and I find it particularly fitting for this time. We’ve all got a long way to go to get through this health and economic crisis, but as long we know we are united together in our hearts, we’ll be ok. This song is about remembering that even though the journey may be hard, all that matters is the love we have for each other. Everything else fades away when you keep that in mind. We also just found out that this song is top ten on Sirius XM BPM and also the Billboard Dance Airplay charts!

Magitek by Andrew Bayer
This song needs no introduction. It is my favorite instrumental track of the past year hands down. The way Andrew has evolved it, completely transforming the track and never returning to the same theme and yet keeping the feeling familiar is complete genius. Raise your hands up to the ceiling in your bedroom on this one and breathe, close your eyes and it will take you places in the stars you’ve never dreamed of.

Cosmic Order by Avao
I fell in love with this track while on the Balance tour with Armin van Buuren, because this song was the cue that my song was coming up next! I would be putting on my in-ears and getting amped to head out on stage during this song every night. Avao is also an amazing producer releasing on my incredible friend MarLo’s label Reaching Altitude and he’s definitely one to watch out for!

Song I Sing by Armin van Buuren ft. HALIENE (Ben Gold Remix)
Ben Gold is absolutely incredible. I love what he did with this remix of my song with Armin, Song I Sing. Ben really took it to another level, while maintaining the authenticity of the song. It’s the trance remix this song deserved!

Tidal Wave by Andrew Bayer from In My Next Life
Tidal Wave is one of my top two vocal trance tracks from last year. Listen to these lyrics! They absolutely floor me, especially right now. “I will find a new way to make a move, in spite of the tidal, I will find a new way to get to you, inside of the tidal wave” and “with my mouth wide open, my lungs are taking water in, though I dream of oceans, I never wanted it all of it”. My heart is stolen by those lyrics. They say so much!

What’s Done Is Done by Seven Lions & HALIENE from Find Another Way EP
I’m ending this playlist with some melodic dubstep and my brand new release with Seven Lions on his latest EP, currently #1 on iTunes and Apple Music Dance. I’m really proud of our work together on this, and we’ve been so grateful for all the love we’ve received for it. Be sure to check out the amazing lyric video on Youtube as well. Hope you enjoyed listening to my favorites and got your rave-at-home on! I’ll be dancing with you!

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iHeartRaves loves trance music and our #trancefam. We hope you were able to find some new trance songs through this epic trance playlist created by Haliene!  You can read more about Haliene in this behind the scenes Q&A.


Mik said:

Hey, Halien🤩
Thanks for helping us get our major rave on and feeling so close, whilst distancing.

Luv ya and keep the party going💓🕺🏻🥳


So wonderfully collaborating with you on this, and I’m so glad we can all listen to music we love together while we are apart. Hope you all enjoy the playlist I made for you!💗

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