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Have you heard a song you loved but had a hard time identifying what category it falls under? Well, me too. EDM as a genre has evolved into a complex realm of various combinations of rhythms and beats that somehow seamlessly blend together to form pure magic—but it's sort of a blanket term for a lot of different styles.

The number of EDM subgenres out there is endless, and it can be tough trying to figure out if your favorite house artist is classified as tropical, electro, dutch, progressive, or one of the other ten bajillion sub-genres! To help you become a master at understanding all of the different types of EDM out there, I have created a simple breakdown of some of the most popular types of edm out there and their subsequent sub-genres.

EDM Subgenres


Artists: Chris Lake, Tchami, Walker & Royce, Claude VonStroke

One of the leading genres of the EDM world, house music has made its way from its roots as an underground warehouse favorite to the mainstage at your favorite festivals. House music is characterized by its repetition and use of bass drums. The tempo is typically in the 120-130 bpm range and can sound a bit funky. You will almost always find a house stage at every festival, but some spots that best feature edm types like house are Nocturnal Wonderland, Paradiso, Desert Hearts and Dirtybird Campout.

House Music Memes

Meme by @rahh.rahh

Deep House

Artists: Disclosure, Rüfüs Du Sol, Lee Burridge, Damian Lazarus, Thugfucker

Although popular, this genre of edm is often one of the most misunderstood. Deep house songs follow a 4/4 beat structure, made up of heavy bass and unique chord progressions. The majority of these songs rely strongly on the presence of bass for those smooth wub sounds that we like to hear in clubs and lounges.The tempo is a bit slower than house music but trust us when we say that in a live setting, the vibes with this type of edm are great.

Boogie Blast Disco Outfit

Tropical House

Artists: Kygo, Clean Bandit, Matoma, Klingande

These playful tunes truly sound tropical with their beachy sounds and light drum features. Creators will often utilize the sounds of pan flutes and saxophones to create a sense of calming and relaxation in their music. With tropical house, think poolside chillin’ or laid back beach party. These are upbeat songs that will make you feel as warm as the summer sun you are likely listening to this under.

Progressive House

Artists: Avicii, Oona Dahl, Hardwell, Eric Prydz, Alesso

If you hear progressive house, the only thing you will want to do is dance. This funky genre is simultaneously melodic and hard, driving crowds to get up and groove. These songs often feature extensive build up sections followed by a simplistic breakdown. Progressive house is very experimental compared to other variations of House.

Electro House

Artists: Steve Aoki, Calvin Harris, R3hab, Botnek, Tiesto

Electro house is one of the most intense edm styles of all House music. You’ll know if you are listening to electro house if you notice distorted bass lines with a heavy use of synths, as well as pounding beats and strong buildups. One thing you will NOT hear is a lot of percussion- electro house relies primarily on bass to carry the song.


Red Hot Raver Outfit


For all my wubheads, Dub has the power to send us into an aggressively euphoric state of happiness. With a focus on bass and uptempo breaks, some of the EDM world’s most legendary drops belong to this genre. Next time you are at a concert but you’re not sure whether or not you are listening to Dub, just look around for anyone headbanging the life out of themselves - that is how you know.

Skrillex Dubstep Meme

Meme by @may_lena_gallrein



Artist: Skrillex, Flux Pavilion, Borgore

Anything dubstep is typically high in BPM and packed with syncopated rhythmic percussion patterns. This form of bass distortion is best enjoyed when listened to at high volumes. Dubstep is also known for having epic drops that are guaranteed to make it onto every raver's Snapchat story.


Artists: RL Grime, Baauer, Flosstradamus

Trap originally drew mainly on rap and hip hop, but over time it has evolved to revolve more around electronic sounds. You will hear a lot of snappy snares, loud kicks, and trihats behind the focus of the song's heavy bass. No matter what club or party you are at, you are bound to hear at least one trap song… or twenty.


Artists: Bassnectar, Bleep Bloop, B.R.E.E.D, The Glitch Mob

Unlike most styles, tempo does not play a huge role in glitch-hop, in fact it is usually ignored. DJ's focus on uniquely manipulating sounds and beats to incorporate glitchy tones into their songs. Clicks, bleeps, and sweeps are dominant sounds we hear being combined with traditional Dub elements.


Artists: Gesaffelstein, Rezz, Richie Hawtin

Oh techno, our beloved friend. This experimental genre is one of the hidden gems of EDM, but once you find it, you can never go back. Techno instantly takes control of our bodies and makes it IMPOSSIBLE to not be dancing. Staccato sounds and computerized tones give underground clubs and techno stages the industrial feel that we all know and love. With roots in European dance music trends and underground styles from around the United States, this global subgenre is sophisticated yet addictive.

Ignite My Fire Clasp Outfit

Techno Meme

Tech House

Artists: Fisher, Shiba San, Camelphat

This dynamic cross breed combines the styles of Techno and House to create a distinct structure. Elements such as synthetic melodies and hi-hats are present from Techno, while the tempo and rhythm of House tend to dominate. Tech house is big in the underground community, and it often times pushes people to dance in ways that they never knew they could.

Acid Techno

Artists: Aphex Twin, Hardfloor, Acid Junkies

Distorted layers of sounds and synths are what bring Acid Techno to life. Producers have mastered the manipulation of controls that generate this unique sound. This sub-genre is quite ambiguous and hard for some people to understand.


Surfacing from the Europe, Trance has flowed it’s way to America and hypnotized us all. Packed with captivating rhythms and sonic elements, Trance has transfixed it’s listeners on this spellbinding genre. One of my favorite Trance festivals is Dreamstate, Insomniac’s leading Trance destination.

Psytrance Meme

Meme by @edmfriends

Progressive Trance

Artists: Markus Schulz, James Holden

Progressives are smooth running tracks that are constantly flowing from start to finish. The multitude of buildups incorporate futuristic and fast sounds that are balanced with instrumental breakdowns to create a less aggressive tone.


Artists: Infected Mushroom, Astrix, Skazi

Often lengthy, psytrance’s claim to fame is its hypnotic beat. Psytrance may not be for everyone though… it is music created for the body, mind, and soul. The psychedelic gods demand that listeners embrace the energy of the cosmos while radiating the twisted, trancey sounds. It is difficult to only appreciate this music sitting down.

Drum and Bass

This well-known branch emerged from jungle scenes and has become one of the dominant classifications of EDM. Pretty self-explanatory by the name, drum and bass are the two central components that come into play when creating DnB music.  These beat focused songs are the type that are worth blowing out your sub-woofers for.

Dnb Meme

Meme by @junglistsurprise



Artists: Ed Rush, Noisia, Optical

Also known as techstep, this style is a funky take on DnB. Neurofunk music features an industrial overtone to the drops, accompanied by a continuously building backbeat. Artists that have mastered this subgenre are extremely brilliant when it comes to blending synthesized percussion sounds with insane basslines.

Future Bass

Artists: San Holo, Troyboi, GTA

These songs can range from aggressive joyful. Future bass is a hybrid of lots of genres, including dutch house, dubstep, and trap. These powerful songs are created with pulsating synths and trap-like beats. Very synthy elements help them to fully transform into future bass.

And there you have it, your official quick guide to EDM! Now you are ready to take on your next rave and not only identify any song or artists but impress your friends with your new skills, too.


Bridgette said:

This article is really interesting! I would love to see this more fleshed out! There’s a couple obscure genres listed here and I think it would be helpful to sort some of the big mainstream DJs into here (like Illenium— future bass, especially with including “aggressive” in that section.) troyboi is definitely more of a trap DJ than a future bass DJ (he doesn’t fit with the likes of Jai Wolf, Marshmello, Louis the Child, Slushii’s newer “marshmello sounding” things). An elaboration on Riddim (Svdden Death, 12th planet) and Midtempo (Rezz, 13, Blanke, would be awesome) and the addition of Bass and Future House since they’re huge right now :)

Andrés Miguel Reid said:

Very nice! Thanks for the wub 101

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