Photo Credit: Taylor Wallace for Insomniac Events
November 16, 2019 | 1 COMMENTS

EDC Orlando 2019 was crazier and wilder than ever before! Hosted by Insomniac Events, this year's event took place this November 8th - 10th at Tinker Field. There were so many changes from the previous EDCOs; it was the first year that this festival got three full days of music and the venue was expanded which meant more space to dance, chill, and check out the art installations and shops. My mind keeps getting blown away by how amazing Insomniac produces amazing festivals that get bigger and better and with more and more surprises. 

Rezz at EDCO

Photo Credit: Taylor Wallace for Insomniac Events

The lineup for this year had some amazing artists and sets, and I got to explore a lot of new artists as well! With four main stages, moving art cars, and Corona Beach (a unique stage that has the vibes of a beach from the sand to the decor. There’s always great smaller DJs playing there and it makes you feel like you’re dancing right on the beach), I was able to find a set that I really enjoyed no matter when and where I was at. This year, Insomniac Events added another stage, stereoBLOOM, which featured a variety of genres of EDM throughout the weekend; I got to check out some hardstyle sets that I usually never see, such as Lady Faith. Some of my favorite acts this year were RL Grime, Eric Prydz, Adam Beyer, Rezz and Blunts & Blondes. I thought the production in sync with the music was stunning and such a mindblowing visual to see. There were lots of lasers this year along with crazy fireworks that really added to the production of every set. 

Artwork at EDCO

Photo Credit: Calder Wilson for Insomniac Events

Another one of my favorite parts of EDC Orlando this year was the addition of lots of art installations. There were so many areas that ravers could wander around and take photos with such as Anima, the female goddess structure made out of wood, steel, and natural fibers. Insomniac also brought the Pixel Forest from EDC Las Vegas, which was a wall of light that illuminated the venue as well as a light tunnel that had a mini-show synced with music. And my favorite art installation, the Paraluna, was also there as well! It’s my favorite because ravers can lay to watch the installation spin with lights in sync with the music and stages in the background. The entire venue was well decorated, from the Rainbow Road to Daisy Lane and Memory Lane that each had its own unique path around the venue. As night came around, the entire venue would be lit with colorful lights and decorations and walking around and getting to explore the venue was one of my favorite parts. As you’re exploring too, there would be many performers that wandered around and greeted you that you could take photos with. 

They really made the experience at EDCO feel like as if you were in a different universe, one with a lot of PLUR and amazing vibes that celebrated amazing music and people!

Performers at EDCO 2019

Photo credit: Ivan Meneses for Insomniac Events

I’ve been to many festivals over the past few years and this year’s EDC Orlando had so many amazing people and ravers that I got to meet. The vibes were crazy this year, everyone treated each other really well and it was so easy to make new friends at various sets. 

Kandi Trading at EDCO

Photo credit: Ivan Meneses for Insomniac Events

Overall, walking into Tinker Field again for EDC Orlando was an experience that completely blew my mind again with the production of the entire festival as well as the crazy stacked lineup this year. I made so many new memories this year with one of the best crowds I’ve been in. Even though the festival got rained on the first day, that didn’t stop any ravers from vibing and enjoying the music. I can’t wait to be back Under the Electric Sky in Orlando next year!


Next year’s EDCO will take place November 13th - 15th 2020 at Tinker Field! Tickets are already on sale here with payment plans for only $10 down! You do not want to miss this festival next year; it keeps getting better and better!


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