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Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas is one of the biggest raves of the year (if not the biggest) for ravers from all around the world. Las Vegas is a great location for the festival, since it offers so many hotel options and such a massive venue that can run all night long. We've put together a complete guide to EDC to get u everything u need to have the most magical weekend under the electric sky, which u can check out here, but read on for tips and advice on where to stay for EDC Las Vegas.

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Choosing an Area

There are tons of places and areas to stay in Las Vegas that are either in the thick of it all on The Strip or a little more off the beaten path in places like Summerlin or in an AirBnb around Vegas. Choosing which area is going to really change the whole vibe of ur trip, so make sure u choose the right area. Here is our advice on where to stay in Vegas during EDC:

On the Strip

The Las Vegas Strip is going to give you the classic EDC experience because it's centrally located and there is a lot going on. There are tons of hotels on the strip that range from luxury to budget, which we'll get into later, and there is always a lot going on.

If you only plan on going to EDC for one or two days and want to enjoy other things around Vegas on the other days I definitely recommend staying on the strip. There are tons of casinos, night clubs, day clubs, shopping, restaurants and even shows to check out. You definitely won't be bored!

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Downtown/Old Las Vegas

One of the many secrets to EDC is to stay Downtown or in Old Las Vegas during the festival to take advantage of the shorter shuttle lines, faster ride to the festival and more affordable hotel rates. Old Las Vegas is a cute area that embraces the artsy side of the city and plays into the old neon you would have seen around Vegas in the 1900s.

There is a good mix of budget and luxury in this area, which again we'll get into later, and there is also a lot going on during any given weekend so again, you won't be bored if you take a night off of EDC or want to check things out during the day.

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Off-Strip (AirBnb)

For bigger parties there are tons of options either right off the strip, in condos on the strip closer to Resorts World and the newer hotels on the North Strip area, or even in neighborhoods like Henderson or Summerlin (though these areas might be a bit far from the festival). If you do go the Airbnb route make sure that you know the area that the rental is in, or that you're ok with making the trek to the festival.

For a truly unique experience I recommend renting a mansion (there are a bunch near the Vegas airport right off of the strip) or luxury condo, especially if you're going with a big group. Airbnb has a whole category for Vegas mansions, so this could be the time to make ur Playboy dreams come true.

Camp EDC

EDC introduced camping options a couple of years ago which, I'll admit, seemed like the last thing I would want to do in such a hot place. However, I've heard nothing but good things about the camping situation at Camp EDC. The festival was moved to May to accommodate the new camping option the year it was introduced which significantly changed the heat problem.

The camping situation at EDC will get you a pretty luxe glamping experience in pre set up shift pods with either fully assembled beds or a more affordable option where u bring ur own gear. You can also bring ur own RV, which would be a great way to camp at EDC to avoid the traffic and long lines while bringing along the comfort of a hotel. You can learn more about Camp EDC here.

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Top Hotels - On the Strip Luxury

If Las Vegas is known for one thing, it's luxury. There are quite a few luxury options for hotels on the strip and these are my best recommendations. These options also offer in-hotel entertainment such as a night or day club that will likely have some pretty killer events throughout the week leading up to EDC and over the weekend:

Resorts World Las Vegas

Resorts World is the newest resort on the strip that actually offers three hotel options at different tiers. The most affordable of the three is the Hilton, with the Conrad in the mid-tier and then Crockfords for its most luxurious option. Onsite the resort offers a night club and a day club called Zouk, tons of dining options, a great pool area, a casino and even a swanky top-floor bar for great views of the Strip (I recommend going at night).

Wynn/Encore Las Vegas

The Wynn compound offers some of the most luxurious experiences that the Strip has to offer. There are two hotels—Wynn and Encore—which are connected so the experiences are roughly the same. Encore Beach Club is one of the most famous day clubs in Las Vegas, which turns into a night club at night. There is also XS, another club in the hotel, and tons of luxury dining and shopping options. If you're going all out for EDC, this is the place to stay.

Venetian/Caesar's Palace/Bellagio

I'm grouping these two options together because they're more or less next to one another, but are by no means the same. Caesar's and Bellagio offer some truly luxe experiences and are located in the dead center of the Strip. Caesar's offers Omnia, a world-famous mega club that always goes off during EDC week, and Bellagio offers a stunning pool area to relax in while u decompress from the night before. Caesar's is also more recently the host to the Nobu Hotel—a truly stunning luxury experience with simplistic Japanese interior design.

The Venetian and The Palazzo offer more affordable as well as more luxury options as well, and have tons of entertainment and dining experiences that include Tao. Each room in the Venetian is a suite, so you'll get a living room area in addition to your bed.

The Cosmopolitan/Aria/NoMad/Waldorf

The area around the T-Mobile Arena is basically just a giant compound of luxury hotels with a few affordable options sprinkled here and there. I love this part of Vegas because it feels very futuristic—it's sort of like having a piece of Miami in Las Vegas. You really can't go wrong with any of the options listed above but each offer slightly different experiences. Both Aria and The Cosmopolitan offer a resort experience with night clubs like Jewel and Marquee, tons of dining options (including Carbone and Din Tai Fung for those of you on that side of TikTok), and will be major EDC hubs for meeting other ravers.

The NoMad and Waldorf are a bit more secluded and offer more luxury, but are fantastic options especially if you're familiar with either of those hotel chains.


Like Resorts World, MGM offers tiers for its hotel rooms that range from the more affordable side to the ultra-luxury. The MGM Grand is a great option for larger groups because they offer lots of suite options, and the MGM resort offers tons of entertainment, dining and shopping options including Hakkasan and Wet Republic, two of the most famous clubs on the Strip.

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Budget-friendly - On the Strip


The Luxor is a classic budget hotel that offers tons of entertainment while being a central hub for a lot of EDC ravers. It's also home to the Lux Rave Pop Up Shop, which is the annual iHeartRaves pop up where you can shop for last minute raver gear, meet new rave friends, and just take in the good vibes. You can learn more about the Lux Rave Pop Up Shop here.



This is a great budget option because there are a lot of dining and entertainment options nearby, and it's pretty centrally located. There are lots of shuttles that go close to this hotel, and it's near the highway so u can easily get off the strip and head to the festival.

Treasure Island

Treasure Island is a great budget option for shopping and dining because it's right next to Fashion Show mall. It's also close to the highway for easy access to the festival, and the hotel itself is clean.

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Old Las Vegas - Best Hotels


One of the newest Downtown hotels is Circa, which offers nice, new rooms and lots of entertainment in a new Strip-style resort hotel. This hotel offers walking access to the Fremont Street experience and easy access to shuttles on ur way to the festival.

Golden Nugget

This is a great affordable option located very centrally in Downtown Las Vegas for easy access to the shuttles. The rooms are clean and pretty updated despite it being an old hotel, and it brings the classic old Las Vegas vibes.

The D

The D is one of the more popular hotels in the Downtown area and also offers more of a resort experience. It's also located centrally for shuttles, entertainment and other old Las Vegas experiences. It was remodeled a couple of years ago so the hotel itself is pretty updated.

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