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Another EDC Las Vegas is right around the corner! On October 22-24 we will all meet again under the Electric Sky at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. While you might be trying to get those last minute things for your outfit, don’t forget the things you need to remember throughout your EDC experience. This is including before you get to EDC, during EDC, and on our way home after! I have a few helpful tips that I like to call "daisies." The speedway is full of colorful daisies, so you can easily remember these tips when you see the associated color! These tips will help you to have the best EDC adventure whether it will be your first EDC or your fifth, like me!

Red Daisy: Camping

Any advice I can give would be is treat this camping experience like any other one. There are plenty of options for camping, tents or RVs, choose based on your group. Bigger is better for camping festivals because it stays at a party when there are a lot of people. It may stay hot even through the night but the campsites are created to help with that. Bring sunscreen, snacks, bring lots of water to your site, and don’t forget your sleeping bag. Be sure to check out this EDC camping list for inspo about how to start packing!

Camp EDC Tents

Photo Credit: EDC/Insomniac Events


Orange Daisy: Carpool/Uber/Lyft/PinPoint

Carpool with friends or use Uber/Lyft. Trust me when I tell you carpooling is the best thing for your EDC experience especially if you plan on having extra fun. It is the safest thing for you and your squad. Benefits to carpooling are having travel buddies to pump you up on the way to EDC through the traffic and to enjoy the sunrise on the way back to the hotel. If you are taking your own car I suggest leaving early as parking does fill up quickly or buying a parking pass. I highly recommend pinpointing on your phone or taking pictures of where your car is. If you haven’t been to the motor speedway at 5:30am, every light pole and fence looks like the one you parked near. Check for the name of the lot as well as entrances /exits you go through to get to your car.


Yellow Daisy: Battery Life = FULL

Buy a portable charger, charge your phone, and CHARGE THE PORTABLE CHARGER. I can’t stress enough trying to keep your phone a little alive by the time EDC is over. You won’t be able to find your car, your friends, or call an uber/lyft if YOUR PHONE IS DEAD because you were too busy trying to Snapchat every set you saw. Be smart, put it on low power mode, and try to keep it long enough to get home safe. You can also rent a locker with a portable charger!

Cute Fuzzy Portable Chargers

iHeartRaves has tons of Cute & fuzzy portable chargers like these!

Green Daisy: Take breaks and wear comfy shoes

Shoes can make or break a great outfit, as well as, a festival. If you're looking for some cute rave shoes that are also comfy, iHeartRaves offers tons of glittery & fun sneakers. They also offer tons of Platforms, but be careful about making the commitment to wearing these all weekend long! I recommend bringing a backup pair of shoes and renting a locker to stash them in, just in case your feet get tired! Also, pro tip: invest in a pair of shoe insoles to make your platforms even comfier! Whatever type of shoe you choose, make sure your shoes are comfy and can withstand all the walking you will do in the speedway. All the walking you’ll be doing will take a toll on your shoes, feet and body so TAKE BREAKS. Take a seat in the bleachers, or go sit in the grass at Cosmic Meadow, or buy a flag to sit on the concrete at whatever stage you are camped at but take a seat and relax. Buy a “BIG B*TCH FAN” to keep yourself cool. You could even go on a ride, preferably one in which you are sitting. There are multiple rides so take your pick and enjoy your break.  

EDC Las Vegas at Night

The Ferris Wheel is a great place to take a break when your feet need a break! Photo Credit: EDC/Insomniac Events

Blue Daisy: Stay Hydrated

This daisy is obviously the most important one. Even though EDC is no longer in June, it still has the chance to get in the high 100s. PLEASE STAY HYDRATED. Buy a hydration pack or water bottle to refill. Even if you think you have drunk enough water, you probably need to drink more. Although, always be careful not to over-do it! Do a good deed and buy someone a water bottle that needs it or even someone who doesn’t. You could even drink a Gatorade, just stay hydrated. There are free water stations you can fill up as well don’t forget about those. Pro tip: buy some Gatorade packets that are sealed so you can bring them inside the festival and change your water from ordinary to extraordinary!


I HIGHLY recommend investing in a hydration pack - they came in tons of cute styles and colors to match your outfit!

Purple Daisy: Schedule Sets

Schedule out meeting spots, when to park and when to pregame can only happen if you schedule out who you will see and when. Make sure to prioritize which sets are NOT MISS sets and which ones you can explore everything EDC offers. There is more to EDC than just your favorite DJ playing at a stage. You can only experience EDC if you plan correctly, even if you are WINGING it you still plan on who you are seeing at 7PM. Pro tip: Write your favorite sets in an Excel sheet and screenshot the sheet to save as your phone lock screen!

EDCLV Aerial View

I'm not joking when I say that EDC is huge! Setting meet-up spots with your squad is crucial!  Photo Credit: EDC/Insomniac Events


Pink Daisy: Visit the LUX Rave Pop up Shop

The LUX Rave pop up shop offers 20,000 sq ft of last minute festival shopping! If you haven’t gotten a chance to go this would be the year to! Tons of flow art toys, glitter, accessories and more outfit options for girls and guys! Don’t forget to order online and do in-store pickup if you don't want to pack all your rave items or pay for shipping. Every day there is a new event for you to check out!  If you're looking for EDC outfit inspiration, iHeartRaves has you covered!

Lux Rave Pop Up Shop


Rainbow Daisy: Using P.L.U.R.

This is my favorite daisy, throughout your EDC week or weekend, depending on how long you choose to rage, PLEASE USE P.L.U.R. every single second! We are all trying to have the best experience and if we all spread Peace, Love, Unity, & Respect throughout our EDC time we make our adventures that much better. I try my hardest to use it before, during and after EDC (even in the parking lot)

Raver wearing daisy top and dancing at EDC 

Photo Credit: EDC/Insomniac Events


I hope my daisies are helpful and I hope that when you see them throughout EDC you will remember them! Have a blast and stay safe! Meet you under the electric sky!

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