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As many of you can relate, I was absolutely heartbroken when I found out EDCLV had to be rescheduled. In order to lift my spirits, I thought it would be fun to reminisce about some of the beautiful moments that have taken place at EDCLV.

In this article, you can take a look at some photos from the past (almost) decade from ravers around the world and read what their favorite parts about EDCLV are!

Insomniac performers at EDCLV

Photo Credit: Insomniac Events


graduate at camp EDC.jpg

Photo Credit: Insomniac Events 



Unicorn fairy at EDCLV


My favorite part of EDC is connecting with all of the creative and caring individuals from around the world. Dancing is a close second 💃 💕” - @elementalfaery



“EDC means home to me. Literally and figuratively; I’m a Las Vegas native and my childhood friend (ZedsDead shirt if you use the pic) took me to my first EDC in 2013. Before then, I had only been to local underground raves in Vegas, I had never experienced a massive yet. It changed my life for the better and reminded me how music touches people and brings them together no matter your race, age, background, sexual orientation, how you look or dress, All truly are welcome there. Thousands call it home and I’m proud for it to have a deeper meaning to me with it happening in my own backyard at the time. EDC also has the most stages, so you can go experience any genre of music and immerse yourself in so many new genres all in one weekend just by walking around if there isn’t a set you were planning to be at” - @scroto_baggins

@scroto_baggins at edclv


EDC isf*cking magical, more magical than Disneyland. It’s the happiest place on earth.”

unicornfairy_xoxo wearing kandi at edclv



EDC is my home. I’ve lived in the same town my whole life, in under 4 houses, in almost 30 years. The second I stepped into the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, I felt complete. EDC is not an escape (because it is REAL) but definitely a feeling of overwhelming freedom in reality, which is rare to find. EDC means I get to feel love again.” - @elementalfaery

@elementalfaery and squad at edc






“It was my first out of state large festival with my whole family!” - @ressa_104


“My favorite part of EDC is walking into the venue. You always see videos and pictures but nothing is quite like walking in and seeing it with your own eyes for the first time! The production is absolutely amazing and there is so much to do! Even after the 3 days I felt like I only saw a portion of the festival!" -@andreasftershok

@kelsyowens @andreasftershok @v_vanchieri @rymazing

@kelsyowens @andreasftershok @v_vanchieri @rymazing

hearts at sunset at edc



EDC is where I saw my best friend come out of her shell for the first, where two of my best friends got engaged, and where I re fell in love with our culture. It’s the ultimate party and so much more. EDC Las Vegas is nothing but love for 3 days, nothing I say can explain the magic in what it actually means to me.”- @plurfectbliss

@plurfectbliss at edc


squad at edc


“My favorite part of EDC was actually when this picture was taken!! We were on the rail at main stage to see Jonas Blue. He has always been one of my favorite artists. The sun was setting and we got to be in his live stream. Hands down one of the greatest moments in my raving career. I have never danced harder or sung louder in my life!” - @batkidrage

@batkidrage riding the rail

“EDC holds a very special place in my heart because that is where my husband and I promised to spend the rest of our lives together 💍 EDCLV 2017 is when this magic happened and every year we’ve attended since it’s like we’re reliving that special moment ❤️” - @luuuciddreamerr & @moonwalkerm8

Wedding at EDCLV



My favorite part of EDC is walking through the tunnel for the first time and just admiring the whole festival and having the feeling of how we finally made it home. It’s a different kind of feeling and it’s hard to put it into words.” - @lils.chill

Ravers kissing under the fireworks at EDC

“My favorite part of EDC was making memories with my friends and experiencing Las Vegas together” - @shleeedm 

@shleeedm @theycallherlicka at EDC

@shleeedm @theycallherlicka

“What makes EDC special is all the love, it’s where I started to love myself. EDC was my first rave after a really bad breakup, the minute I walked in all my worries seemed so irrelevant. EDC and the community welcome you with love and open arms. During my first Yellow Claw set all my unhappiness left, I was overcome with a feeling of love and happiness for myself and everything going on around me. I fell in love with raving at that moment and haven’t stopped since💕”@sassmasterog

@sassmasterog at edc with iheartraves unicorns

“My favorite part of EDC was getting to connect with people from all over! Whether you bond over headbanging at the rail, crying to Illenium, joining a shuffle party or finding someone who has the same outfit as you; there’s just so many people out there waiting to become your next friend.”@kiana_rae17

ravers with fairly odd parents totem at EDC

I have a track record of getting separated from my friends, and one of my favorite experiences is being welcomed into so many friend groups and hanging with them like I've known them for years. So I guess I can say acceptance will be my favorite part of EDC ❤️” -  @Tytycarrico

@Tytycarrico at EDC


Ravers getting engaged at EDCLV



“My favorite part of EDC is immersing myself into a weekend of my fav music” -  @emmzpen 

@emmzpen @rymazing @penneyxoxo @butter.fry__ at EDCLV
 @emmzpen @rymazing @penneyxoxo @butter.fry__


EDC is the one time of year all my friends come from all over the country to see our favorite artist together. So EDC means family to me.”  - @Ruthless_rachel 

Ravers posing in front of Camp EDC sign

@Ruthless_rachel & @Kawaiii.kyra


EDC is home to me! My favorite part about EDC is the feeling I get when I walk in and see all the stages, all the lights and most importantly all the people. The rave community has so much love to give it doesn’t matter that we’re all strangers. We welcome anyone and everyone! Each festival/rave I go to makes me fall deeper into the music. I love it! EDC never fails to AMAZE ME EVERY TIME I GO!” - @Baezaxo
Rave squad posing in front of all our welcome sign at EDCLV


“My favorite part of EDC was that it was the biggest and best festival ever. Unexpectedly I got to spend lots of time with my best friends aka family. We all learned to value what we have because you never know when you’re going to lose it. Expect the unexpected. Best festival of my life, by far. Cheers to my best friends.” @nwccam

@nwccam at EDCLV


“The people I’m with make me so at ease and love the world I’m in, and I love the big wooden lady!” - @ressa_104


My favorite part of EDC is seeing all of the artists I love but also seeing the production of it all. I’m always so impressed by all of the artistic inspiration and creativity it takes to put together such a magical festival such as EDC. Also the feeling of being somewhere that can bring people together no matter who you are is an amazing feeling” - @plur.elise

plur.elise at EDCLV


“I have so many friends that live all over the country and it’s the one event that brings everyone to one place together! It’s like a huge family reunion.” @Loanabanana82

RAver couple at EDCLV


EDC means everything to me! Doesn't matter how many years I walk into that speedway I cry because I know that after a year of waiting I'm finally back home. For those 3 days I walk into the speedway the world stops and all my problems disappear. EDC is a place where you leave all your worries behind and you can be yourself finally with no judgment and you're surrounded by people that feel the same as you.” - @makaylaplur

raver dressed as a fairy at EDCLV


To me, EDCLV is the best festival I have ever been to. It tops all production, all performances and all vibes 100 fold. This is a raver’s Disneyland, and you cannot change my mind. Experience EDCLV one day, you will not regret it. This festival changes lives, and you would be no different. You will not, and cannot, see this whole festival in the three days that you are there. Its pure magic.

In the midst of this crisis, Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas will now take place during October 2nd-4th, with Camp EDC opening Thursday, October 1st. Although EDCLV is sold out, you can join the waitlist for an opportunity for a ticket.

Wanna know some facts you probably didn’t know about EDC? Check out my last blog post here.

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