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EDC 2021 is finally here, and after two and a half years away from the Speedway it's long overdue for us to all rage under the electric sky once again. Things are a little bit different this year, and although I welcome the new October festival date with open arms (any excuse to wear a costume!), it will be an adjustment from the usual spring event. Here are some last minute things to know before EDC Las Vegas 2021.

Getting to the Speedway

The Speedway is pretty far from the Las Vegas Strip. If you're staying in a hotel you're going to need to plan ahead. The festival has a shuttle system which you'll need to buy tickets for if you haven't already. The shuttles are based on where your hotel is, so be careful to get a shuttle ticket for the hotel you're staying in or near. You can get a shuttle pass on the EDC Las Vegas website here.

You can also opt for a ride share like an Uber or a Lyft to and from the festival. It's a bit more expensive but it will likely be more comfortable than having to wait for a bus, and you can bypass the often long and exhausting shuttle lines if you choose to leave the festival alongside everyone else. There's also a helicopter option if you're trying to go all out.

Las Vegas Weather Forecast

I'd hate to break it to you babes but the weather for EDC Las Vegas 2021 is looking like it will be chilly. Temperatures drop in the desert at night, and the late-October timing of this year's festival means that things are cooling down already. Fortunately there are ways to look cute even in the cold!

Temperatures are expected to get into the low 50's overnight in Las Vegas during EDC weekend. Wear leggings underneath your rave fit or bring a faux fur coat to keep warm under the electric sky.

Last Minute Shopping

You can shop warmer clothes here and have them ready for you in Las Vegas at the Lux Rave pop up shop. Just select in-store pickup upon checkout to have your order ready whenever you'd like. The pop up goes through Sunday, so even if you realize halfway through the festival that you'd like to stay warm in style it's an option.

COVID-19 Precautions

Despite the fact that things are opening up, the pandemic is still raging on. Las Vegas depends entirely on tourism for its local economy and can't afford to have to go back into a shutdown over COVID-19. Do your part to stop the spread of the virus by getting vaccinated and wearing a mask in public or in mass gatherings (pro tip: the mask will also help you stay warm).

Insomniac Events is asking EDC Las Vegas attendees to provide proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test upon entry to the festival. Printed, digital or physical copies of your vaccine card will be accepted, as well as a photo of your vaccine card.

The state of Nevada requires masks to be worn indoors at large gatherings, meaning you'll have to wear masks inside hotels and casinos. You can shop masks here to be prepared, and pick up your order at the Lux Rave pop up shop.

Don't Depend on Your Phone

We can always hope that things have changed, but when tens of thousands of people congregate in a remote spot in the desert we should assume cell towers are going to be busy. Come up with a plan in case you lose your group on where to meet, or schedule meetups ahead of time by deciding on a time and place inside the festival to meet members of your rave fam.

Put the event schedule as your phone lock screen so you don't have to access the internet to check set times, and let any friends or family know you may not have cell service while you're at the festival.

Take Care of Yourself & Others

PLUR would mean nothing if we didn't take care of each other. Check in with yourself and your rave fam throughout the weekend to make sure that everyone is ok. Remember that festivals like EDC are a marathon, not a sprint, and to take it easy when you think you need to.

Drink lots of water, eat regular meals, and get rest when you can. Check out our guides on how to stay healthy during a festival, and how to care for your mental health before, during, and after a festival—and don't forget! If you see someone struggling, check in with them even if it's just to offer some water or a friendly hand. We're all in this together.

Check Out the Whole Festival

EDC is huge. For context, there are eight stages and tons of interactive art installments, events and vendors to check out. Don't forget to spend some time checking out the festival throughout the weekend, and use the weekend to check out new artists you didn't think you would get the chance to see. It can be tempting to spend the weekend at your favorite stage, but the festival has so much more to offer.

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