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Festival season is right around the corner! As the weather warms up and the sun shines longer, it's almost time to get ready for spring festivals, like Coachella. Now is the perfect time to start preparing with some floral-inspired looks and outfits. In this simple tutorial, I'll help you get ready to kick off festival season with a DIY flower crown! Flower headbands are a simple and elegant accessory to complete festival outfits. 

Making a DIY flower crown is relatively easy and allows you to get creative by choosing from different types and colors of flowers. You can mix and match different flower varieties and their colors, choose one color scheme, or pick styles to match your festival outfit. The possibilities are endless!

To make your DIY flower crown you’ll need a few supplies.

  • Floral wire and floral tape (both of can be purchased at an arts and craft store)
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
DIY Flower Crown Supplies

Don’t forget, the most important item: faux flowers! These can be purchased at an arts and craft store. There are a huge variety of the types of flowers as well as colors! Don’t be afraid to get creative and choose your favorite colors or ones that’ll match your outfit, or even a random mix of colors works too. For my DIY flower crown, I decided to go with light pink and white flowers.

DIY Flower Crown

Once you have all these materials, it’s time to jump into the fun part!

Begin by taking the measuring tape and wrap it around your head lose enough to fit a finger or two under. Measure the diameter of your head to get a rough estimate of how much of the floral wire to cut.

Stretch out the floral wire so it sits straight and using the measurements of your head, cut out three pieces of the floral wire.

Line up the three pieces on one end and begin braiding them together. Continue to braid until you reach the other end.  

DIY Flower Crown

Wrap the two ends together so the ends meet. I cut off some of the hemp from the ends of the floral wire so that the metal wire was exposed. Then I wrapped the metal wire around each other to secure the ends together. This will serve as the backbone for attaching the flowers.

DIY Flower Crown

Take the floral tape and wrap over the portion where the ends meet. This will make sure that none of the wires will poke into your head.

DIY Flower Crown

Now, pick out and cut the flowers. The faux flowers I bought came with lots of leaves. I decided to use only the flowers and picked out the pink and white ones, as well as some small ones if I decided to use them later.

DIY Flower Headband

Plug in the hot glue gun and stick a glue stick inside to begin melting the glue. Squeeze some of the glue onto the back of the flower and then stick the stub of flower through one of the holes in the braided backbone.

DIY Flower Headband DIY Flower Crown

Repeat this step by attaching more flowers! Alternate the colors, style, and size of flowers so that it suits your taste. Once you’ve attached all of your flowers around the entire backbone, place more glue on the backside to secure the flower on.

DIY Flower Crown

And then done! You now have a beautiful flower headband, a perfect festival accessory that's unique and will help you own your festival fashion!

DIY Flower Crown


Want to take your flower headband to the next level? Pair it with some of the latest face jewels from iHeartRaves! Looking for an entire festival outfit? I recommend pairing your flower headband with this Criss Cross Net Halter top, Daisy pasties and Shimmering Daisy Side Slit pant to complete that floral look!



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