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Fall is coming, and with it, colder weather. It’s time to break out some jeans and pair them with a cute top for a fun new take on your festival looks! Distressed jeans are super trendy, and are a great way to give an old pair a second life! Or, if you’re just feeling crafty, there are lots of sales where you can purchase a super cheap new pair and make your own distressed jeans or make your own ripped jeans.

You can easily DIY distressed jeans! Here's how to How to Make Ripped Jeans:

I started with a $20 pair of jeans and decided to distress them myself for a cute look. I love DIY projects, and finding a good deal on these jeans made it a fun activity for me to experiment with!

First thing I did was try on the jeans to see where I would want to make holes. Using chalk, you can draw lines or marks. Chalk washes out super easy, so that’s why I recommend it. Typically if you're distressing jeans, the rips begin at the knees, so I made marks there, and also just chose little spots all over that I liked.

Make Your Own Distressed Denim Jeans

From there, it was onto the hard work! And I’ll admit it, it was quite hard (but rewarding) work! 

There are lots of ways for how to make distressed jeans, and depending on exactly how the denim is stitched, you can try a few and figure out what works best.

The tools I tired were sandpaper, an old razor and scissors. I also learned pretty quickly that having a lint roller on hand while working was important too!

Tools To Make Your Own Distressed Jeans

Sandpaper didn’t work super well for me, but my best friends were the razor to get the holes started, then my hands to pull on the threads! Using the razor shaves off lots of little fuzz, so I had a lint roller by my side to roll up the extra fuzz as I went so that I didn’t have a huge mess. 

How to Distress Your Jeans

The razor usually helped make the threads underneath visible, so that then using my fingers I would push the denim farther away from the hole. It exposes white strands that you can also pull through the woven denim. You have to be gentle though with these, as they can rip easily.

Distressing Denim Jeans


I also started to get frustrated with how long it took to razor holes, so at some points, I began using my scissors to just start cutting larger holes. I then used the razor over top to shave and fray the ends. These holes definitely looked different than the only razored ones, but I think it added to the naturally distressed look for my DIY distressed jeans to have holes of different types!


DIY Distress Denim Jeans

And there you go! I styled my DIY distressed jeans with a little bralette and a headscarf for a look that is ready for a cooler rave or festival! What tips do you have for distressing jeans Comment below!

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