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This summer just got a whooooole lot nuttier as Dillon Francis is taking over the Seattle Space Noodle (as he calls it) with his epic pop-up show. On Sunday August 4th at 2:00pm, this epic event called, "Hello Seattle, I Love You," presented by AMF & Upper Left, will be happening all day long right in downtown. If you are 18+, live in the PNW, and love EDM, then grab a friend and an ice cold drink because this summer bash is going to be one for the books. 


Surprise to Brother and Fans

In classic Dillon Francis style, fans were surprised with an announcement for the day-ger (day rager) via Instagram post. In the video, Dillon takes viewers with him as he drops the bombshell on his brother, who lives in Seattle and inspired the name for the pop-up show. Dillon explains how he named the show, “HELLO SEATTLE, I LOVE YOU!” in honor of his brother who currently resides there. This hilarious video ends up to be an epic fail as their mom ruins the surprise (or in my opinion, made the video announcement even funnier). 

Dillon Francis Loves Seattle Instagram Post


Under the Space Noodle

The Fisher Green Stage in Seattle Center is located amongst the famous Seattle Space Needle and International Fountain. This outdoor space is home to many entertainment events, including Seattle’s own Bumbershoot and The Bite of Seattle. The single-stage venue hosts a mid-sized crowd where everyone has an amazing view of both the performers and the city. And if you really know what’s up, after the concert you’ll hit Dick’s Drive-In Restaurant, an iconic and delicious burger chain, native to the Greater Seattle Area. 

The 6-Artist Lineup

In collaboration with AMFAMFAMF and Upper Left, Dillon has brought Seattleites not only himself, but six of his talented friends: What So Not, Party Favor, Wax Motif, Nitti Gritti, and Kendoll. This eclectic lineup features a variety of EDM styles, including house, dub, bass, and of course, moombahton. Although set times have not yet been released, my guess is that artists will get a timeslot of close to an hour each.

Dillon Francis Loves Seattle Lineup


Tickets are currently on sale for both GA and VIP passes and are predicted to sell out. If you want to end the summer right, grab some friends and hit the town because with a lineup this diverse, there will be something for everyone to see. Click here to buy your tickets! And to stay in the know and share with your friends, check out the official Facebook event page

In the meantime, get pumped for this epic event with Dillon Francis' live stream from EDCLV 2019!

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