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This year is coming close to an end and it’s almost time to wrap up this year and ring in 2019! What better way to do so than at Decadence CO for their annual NYE festival December 30th and 31st at the Colorado Convention Center. This year is crazier than ever, with a completely stacked lineup featuring some of the biggest artists such as Bassnectar, Eric Prydz, Above & Beyond, Skrillex, Illenium, and many more.

Decadence 2018 Lineup

This festival is "America’s Biggest New Year’s Celebration" and you don’t want to miss out. Decadence will be two full days of some of the best artists. Not sure who to check out? Here are some sets you should definitely check out at Decadence!


Skrillex is finally back again! After taking a break from playing live for a few years, Skrillex is finally making a comeback and playing at festivals. He is luckily one of the artists that will be at Decadence to ring in the New Year. Throughout the years he took a break, he released some songs with many different artists. His most recent release was with JOYRYDE, and this song has been a hit, playing at so many sets at different festivals!

Eric Prydz

One of my absolute favorite artists is Eric Prydz. His live sets are always unique and so full of energy. He is also known for his use of many lasers that are in perfect sync with his music. His style is progressive house and he often plays under his two other aliases, Cirez D and Pryda, which feature more dark house and techno music. He’s also known for featuring many unreleased tracks in his sets, so there’s always this mysterious aspect about his sets. I definitely recommend everyone to check out his set, he’s played some of my favorite sets I’ve seen live. Check out his Ultra Miami 2018 set! This one was one of the best ones I saw live.

Above & Beyond

For all trance lovers, this set is perfect for you! And for those who haven’t seen Above & Beyond live or trance sets much, I recommend you check them out! Above & Beyond bring a set that is a completely different experience than any other set that I’ve ever seen. The crowd never fails, and is always so energetic and alive, especially with the huge fan base that they have. One thing that I love about their sets is that they type and display words and phrases up on the screen. It’s always fun to read along and see that they type out during their sets.  They recently released a new track with another trance artist, Spencer Brown. It’s one of my new favorite tracks! Listen to it here:


Bassnectar is one of the most well-known bass and dubstep artists out there. He is popular for creating sets that takes over your senses, both auditory and visual. Bassnectar often throws his own events and festivals, such as Spring Gathering and Freestyle Sessions. He’s even has a festival in Mexico, called Deja Voom that is an all-inclusive festival right on the beach. His sets are never-the-less filled with tons of bass and nasty drops, combined with the breathtaking visuals that will leave you in awe. He came out with an album called Reflective Part 3 that has many amazing tracks, so check it out!


1788-L is an up and rising new artist that rose into fame this year, especially for their remix and collabs with some of the best artists, such as Rezz and Illenium. Their style is one that uses heavy bass sounds that will keep you headbanging all night long. 1788-L has turned so many songs into amazing remixes, as well as produced some great tracks as well. I definitely recommend checking some of it out! Here’s one that they did with Rezz. This would be such a dope song to hear live.


Griz is one artist that features a really unique sound! His style can be described as “future funk” with a mix of dubstep. He is well known for playing the saxophone live during his sets. Some of his hit songs include “Good Times Roll” and “Rather Be Free” with Muzzy Bearr. He recently released two songs “It Gets Better” and “Can’t Get Enough”. His set is one that you need to check out! It’s such a unique experience and he plays the saxophone so well, you wouldn’t believe he’s playing live. Check out his two recent songs here:

2018 was a year filled with amazing new songs and artists, festivals and tours. I can’t wait to ring in the New Year at Decadence CO and see what 2019 will bring! Tickets are still on sale, but get them before they sell out here. And, if you haven't already, be sure to check out the official 2018 Decadence Trailer to get pumped up for the event!

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