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Did you know that you can style our pieces from day to night? You can even go from work straight to the rave by just changing up your accessories and footwear. 

Specifically, our new fall lifestyle pieces are great investments because of their dual nature. Read below for some styling tips on how to integrate the pieces you already know and love into new and exciting looks for fall.


A lacey or sparkly bodysuit is the perfect starting layer. You can wear jeans, leggings or satin pants over it for a classy look. You can also wear it on its own and pile on the accessories for a pretty festival look.


Girl wearing faux fur black crop jacket and bodysuit with jeans

Fabulous Faux Fur Jacket, Lace Devotion Bodysuit


Lace Bodysuit with black hosiery, face jewels and black combat boots

Diamond Net Stockings With Attached Garter Belt, Lunautics Twilight Princess Face Jewels, Demonia Super Stacked Platform Boots


A flannel shirt is an easy breezy element to add a dash of cool to any ensemble. Style it as a dress with thigh-high boots or wear it open with a tube top and leggings. You can also wear it open over a bodysuit with fishnets and a choker for your next festival.


Girl wearing flannel shirt and thigh high boots

Fall For Me Flannel, Demonia Thigh High Lace Up Boots

Red checkered flannel with black faux leather leggings

Fall For Me Flannel, Simplified Tube Top, Time To Shine Faux Leather Leggings, Demonia Badass Chunky Platform Boots


How to style a flannel for a rave

Fall For Me Flannel, Black Glamour Fanny Pack, Nylon Fishnet Thigh Highs, Faux Leather Choker With Mini Ring, Liquid Leather Bodysuit

Faux Fur Jacket

A fanastic faux fur cropped jacket is a must-have for your fall wardrobe. It comes in black and pink and its styling capabilities are truly endless. Pair with leggings or jeans during the day and toss over a sparkly bodysuit for your next rave or festival.


Pink faux fur cropped jacket

Fabulous Faux Fur Jacket, Queen Of Floral Long Sleeve Crop Top, Late Night Shining Pants


Pink Faux Fur Cropped Jacket with Holographic Backpack and Holographic Boot and Holographic Choker

Fabulous Faux Fur Jacket, Sparkling Sands Holographic Thong One Piece, Pixie Mini Backpack, YRU Lala Hi Atlantis Platform Shoes, Hazy Holographic Ring Choker

Long Sleeve Crop Top

A long sleeve crop top is absolutely essential to your fall wardrobe. You can wear it with a skirt and thigh-high socks or jeans or leggings. For the festival, a long sleeve crop can also save you. You can wear it on top of a small crop top or on its own for added warmth on chilly dancefloor nights. During the day, pair black with plaid or bright colors and for the rave- add gold, silver and metallics.

Black and Red Checkered Shirt and black long sleeve cropped top

What's The Ruche Long Sleeve Crop Top, As If Lace Up Skirt Set, Demonia Super Stacked Platform Boots

Black long sleeve cropped top with black and gold star booty shorts

What's The Ruche Long Sleeve Crop Top, Nightfall Mesh Zip Up Shorts, Lunautics Terra Dust Biodegradable Glitter, Pair Of Non-Slip Gold Glitter Leg Wraps

Funky Pants


Funky bell bottoms or leggings can easily transition from a super comfy casual look to a trippy rave look. Choose a fuzzy sweater or an oversized tee shirt and easy sneakers for your daytime look. For the festival, play up the psychedelic elements and pair with a little crop top or pasties and chunky platform boots.

Funky pattern leggings and yellow fuzzy short sleeve shirt with pink backpack and sparkly sneakers

Dance To The Groove Leggings, Bundle Of Fluff Crop Top, Raining Glitter Sneakers, Atlas Bag



Funky all over print leggins with yellow transparent sunglasses and harness with mushroom pasties

Dance To The Groove Leggings, Hallowed Out Long Sleeve Crop Top, Sunshine Maker Glasses, Pastease Neon Mushroom Pasties

Fall is a great season to diversify your wardrobe and invest in diverse pieces that can transcend style. You can mix black with bright elements or go all neutral depending on your mood. Adding a faux fur jacket or boots can be all you need to fall into a new style this season.

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