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The 2020 shutdown of music and live events was a disaster for local promoter groups and small festivals around the globe. Many events didn't make it, while others managed to come out on the other side with hope that the world would be able to get on a dance floor again. V2 Presents, the company behind festivals like Das Energi and Get Lucky, is able to say that they've come out on the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic with plans to dance again. We caught up with V2's co-founder Brandon Fullmer on what ravers can expect for the 2022 festival season as we approach Das Energi later this summer.

Fullmer is a local legend in the Salt Lake music scene. With a long history of throwing events in the area and a DJ career of his own, having a local event leader like Fullmer and his V2 co-founder Jeremy Moreland is like having your own Pasquale keeping the scene alive decade after decade. 

Das Energi will be electrified again in 2022 at The Great Saltair just outside of Salt Lake City. While the 2021 event was able to take place, 2022 will mark its first year back now that restrictions have fully eased. Anyone who attended a festival in 2021 likely remembers the uncertainty and rapidly changing rules around live events, so we can't wait to see how it goes now that we're truly returning to the dance floors restriction-free. Grab tickets to Das Energi here, and check out our interview with the V2 dance team leader Megan right here.

iHeartRaves: 2022 is really the first year back in the swing of things as far as festivals go. How do you feel heading into this festival season vs last?

Brandon Fullmer: As you said, this is the first full year back in the spin of things! 2021 was a great opportunity to overcome some new challenges and try out some new things coming out of the pandemic, with lots of unknowns. We started slow after 2020, and built back up from there. Now, moving further into 2022, we’re feeling confident and excited about the future of live events and everything we have in store. It is comforting to know that with vaccines widely available, people can attend events once again as safely as possible.

iHeartRaves: Are there any surprises in store for the 2022 festival season?

BF: Das Energi has some big surprises in store including a brand new main stage design, and something major is happening at Get Freaky this year that we can’t quite reveal yet. Aside from that, V2 will continue to elevate both the quality and quantity of our shows, and focus on bringing a wide range of diversity in music and events.

iHR: Lately there seems to be a sort of resurgence of older EDM genres and music styles. Are there any genres you'd love to see come back into the mainstream?

BF: Breakbeats have been my jam for over 20 years, and I would love to see it grow larger! Drum and Bass are my roots and it’s great to see the appeal for the genre growing more across the country, just want to also see that growth happen in Utah. V2 will always do our part to help keep DNB alive and flourishing.

iHR: If you made a piece of kandi today, what would it say?

BF: Rave To The Grave

iHR: What are your top 5 dance music tracks of all time?

BF: Dance music is too massive of a part of my life to answer this question. With over two decades of running record stores and throwing events, my love for dance music spans all genres and all time periods. I truly appreciate every bit of it. 

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