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Imagine this: Alien sightings have been reported in Southern California. They’ve abducted your favorite EDM artists and will be releasing them to play one jaw-dropping show on New Year’s Eve. You already have your ticket, but do you have the perfect outfit to showcase to these space invaders? Countdown 2019 is only a few weeks away, but there’s no need to panic! iHeartRaves has got you covered on putting together your ideal New Year’s Eve outfit. 

Here are some suggestions to help you make a great first impression with the electronic loving extraterrestrials: 


I Come in Peace.Love.Unity.Respect  

Step off your UFO and into the festival in this fun and glamorous space babe look. No matter what planet you’re from, you’ll be the star of the night in this holo-heavy outfit. 

New Year's Eve Rave Outfit

Silver Drip Holo Corset Top, Neva Nude Kanye The Alien Super Holographic Pasties, Sky Full Of Stars PVC Mini Skirt, Demonia Hella Holographic Platform Boots


Future Reflective Renegade 

Reflect on 2019 and then take control of your future with this edgy reflective look. Not only is reflective wear one of the top rave styles right now, but you’ll shine brighter than the sun once those stage lights hit the crowd. 

Reflective Rave Outfit

Down 4 The Ride Reflective Chain Chaps, Reflective Wave Mesh Bodysuit, Neva Nude Reflective Cross Pasties


Alien Rave Babe 

Show your style is out of this world with this alien-inspired look. This outfit combines two of the most popular looks of 2019, neon and fishnet. If your fierce confidence from this look isn’t enough to make you stand out, the glow in the dark alien pasties will do the trick. 

Alien Rave OutfitFishnet Bikini Top, IHR X J. Valentine PWR UP Corset,Pastease Glitter Glow In The Dark Alien Pasties, Heeled Combat Boots, Go After It Fishnet High Waisted Bottoms, Shrine Easy Tiger Alien Face Jewel


Captain Starlight

Get ready to take command of the stars with this complete outfit by iHeartRaves. You’ll be a shining star on the dancefloor with this look, topped off with an iridescent captain's hat, sparkling boob & body gems, and a holographic choker. You can find more complete outfits like this in the outfit's section of iHeartRaves's website!

Captain Starlight Outfit

Captain Starlight Outfit


Stay Lit

Looking for an easy way for ET to spot you and beam you up to his spaceship? Make sure you’re wearing a luminous look! Choose one of the light-up bodysuits and wings, and pair them with LED flow toys. 

LED Light up Bodysuit, Levitation wand, LED wings

J. Valentine Light Up The Night BodysuitMulti LED Wings, Astro Levitation Wand


Festival Fringe

Not onboard with the extraterrestrial vibe? Celebrate stepping out of this decade with these fringe-tastic looks. These colorful and unique outfits are just what you need to blast out of this decade! 

Neon Fringe Festival Set

 J. Valentine Neon Carnival Fringe Harness,


J. Valentine Sassy Fringe Harness Bottoms, J. Valentine Sassy Fringe Harness Top


Sequin Star Sisters

Attending Countdown with your festie bestie? Check out these sassy and sparkly looks that feature subtle, space elements with these mesh skirts. The sparkles on the skirts will twinkle like stars under the stage lights, making you two the bright babes in this galaxy!

Sparkle Tube Top and Halter Top with Black Mesh Skirts


Don’t Forget the Fur

Stay fashionable and protected from frostbite with this year’s collection of faux furs and sherpa outerwear. Not only are these a must-have for the freezing New Year’s Eve chill, but they add a staple piece to any under-accessorized outfit. 

Faux Fur for Winter Raves


Now that you have your New Year’s Eve outfit put together, it’s time to finalize your welcome message when the aliens land at Countdown, December 31st at the NOS Event Center in San Bernardino, CA. See you there, Earthlings! 


Countdown NYE LIneup

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