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Attention Earthlings! The electronic extraterrestrials have returned and abducted your favorite artists to create one insane lineup for this year’s Countdown. If you have already been stumped over which festival you’re going to be at as you dance your way into 2020, I’m sorry (not sorry) to say the decision just got a lot harder. 

Countdown announced an alien encrypted lineup that had Instagram and Reddit users scrambling to decipher the otherworldly hieroglyphics. That code was recently cracked and revealed an utterly stacked lineup for this year’s popular Southern California New Years' Eve fest at NOS Events Center in San Bernardino. Let’s break down which abducted artists you’ll be blasting off with into 2020. 

Countdown Lineup 2019


Feel Good Favorites

The first artists fans decoded from the list included the names, Porter Robinson, Said The Sky, and Jai Wolf. Personally, this was enough for me to be locked in on choosing this festival to spend my final night in 2019. I’m a huge sucker for music that can get me caught up in my feels during a huge event and this lineup is definitely full of the feel-good music that everyone can groove to. 

Who doesn’t want to dance their cares away on the last day of the year?


More artists on the list that fit this magical vibe include Gryffin, Elephante, Galantis, Alesso, and The Chainsmokers. 


The Best Bass

If the bass stage is where you set up camp for the night, the beats here will not disappoint. The invaders have a full attack ready for all headbangers ready to rage into the new year. 

Some of the most notable artists from this year’s lineup include 12th Planet, ATLiens, Borgore, and SAYMYNAME. The most anticipated bass set of the night (in my opinion) will be SVDDEN DEATH’s VOYD. This show has carried quite a huge hype from Bass Canyon, and I think I speak for everyone when I say, we can’t wait to see it live at NOS! 


This year’s lineup boasts a good assortment of artists that will abduct your mind with their tracks, and that isn’t just from the extraterrestrials that will be in attendance. Some of the house artists I’m most excited groove to are VNSSA, Luke Andy, Oliver Heldens, and Chris Lorenzo. Whether these artists are on the top of your list or you are yet to listen to them, their sound will be sure to pull you into their set and experience the chill vibes that have nothing to do with the frigid winter air. 


Come for the Music, Stay for the Experience

If the lineup wasn’t enough to get you to choose Countdown as the place to celebrate New Years, the galactic experience Insomniac has planned will get you onboard the mothership. 

In years past, human attendees have expressed how chilly it can get at this event, even when it’s located in the almost always sunny SoCal. Countdown listened to the feedback and announced their Global Warming Project for this year’s festival. This initiative includes indoor and heated stages, human heating pods, a solar flare garden, and indoor food & vendors. 

How to Stay Warm At Countdown

Even though this event is only one day, there is enough art, music, and good vibes beamed straight from outer space to provide the necessary festivities to make a more than memorable close to 2019. With a lineup this packed with talent, Countdown has set up four stages: The Mothership, The Nebula, Area 51, and Twilight Zone. Need to get the last solid photo of the year? Insomniac always has the best performers and art set up to document your memories for your followers or alien invaders. Plus, who doesn’t want a picture with a real extraterrestrial? 

The Best Bass

Photo Credit: Insomniac Events/Countdown


Tickets for Countdown are now on sale! Still trying to see how you can pull together enough funds to secure your spot? Sign up for the affordable layaway option. 

Can’t wait to Countdown and blast off into 2020! See you there! 

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