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Picture this: the lights are low, the bass is thumping, and you're surrounded by a sea of smiling faces, all moving to the same infectious beat. This is the magic of dance music and rave culture, an enchanting world where music transcends boundaries and brings people together in the most extraordinary way.

But behind this electrifying movement are some incredible individuals, the creative geniuses who've not only given us unforgettable tunes but have also played a massive role in shaping an entire cultural phenomenon. Today we're throwing a spotlight on the Black DJs and producers who have made a huge impact on dance music and rave culture. We're here to celebrate their amazing contributions and to recognize the profound influence of Black communities in shaping dance music as we know it today. Without Black artists, EDM wouldn't be what it is. 

Here are some of our favorite Black DJs and producers today. Who are yours?

Honey Dijon

This Black trans artist has made waves in the high fashion world and helped to bring EDM into a new market. With a history of performing in New York's underground club scene, Honey Dijon continues to be a groundbreaking visionary in the dance music scene. Stream her music here.  

A Hundred Drums

On her website, A Hundred Drums describes her music as "Thunderous low end and pulsating rhythm." With a packed tour lineup coming up this festival season, now is your chance to catch a set from A Hundred Drums this summer. Check out her music on Spotify here

a hundred drums


As a Jersey club queen, Uniiqu3 brings the vibes to her music and her live sets. Her new single, "Price Going Up" features Black Caviar and sets the mood for the perfect festival day this festival season. Check out Uniiqu3 on Spotify here and keep an eye out for her on lineups this summer. 


Aluna of AlunaGeorge has been a staple in the dance music scene for over a decade. The singer has provided vocals on some of the biggest EDM hits that we still here on the dancefloor today, and her newer music is just as good as the classics. Check out her music here.

Nia Archives

As a rising artists, Nia Archives has had some massive accomplishments at an early stage of her career. Her recent remix of Fred Again's leavemealone has already reached over 300,000 plays on Soundcloud in its first weeks after being released. Keep an eye out for Nia Archives on lineups this summer, and check out her music here

nia archives


With production credits and collaborations with some of the biggest artists in the world, PinkPantheress has quickly become one of the defining artists of the 2020s. Her hit songs like "Boys a Liar" define her unique sound and help her stand out as not just an emerging artist, but an emerging genre. Check out her music here and keep an eye out for her name on lineups this festival season. 

Green Velvet

As one of the biggest house and techno artists of the 2010s, Green Velvet is always going to be on our top lists. Green Velvet has been the backdrop of some of my favorite nights out as a raver, so it's only fitting that we would include him on our list of some of the Black artists we love today. You can stream Green Velvet on Spotify here, or catch him at the La La Land Miami pool party during Miami Music Week this March.  


Black Carl!

When it comes to experimental dubstep, you should have your eyes on Black Carl! This Birmingham-based DJ and producer is known for his signature experimental sound, which blends a mix of soft sounds with heavy bass to create something that is truly unique to the dubstep genre. His latest track "sorry for the wait" off of his upcoming album can be streamed on streaming platforms here.

Jayda G

Music is a type of catharsis, and few understand that quite like Canadian DJ and producer Jayda G. In her 2023 album, Guy, Jayda G explores themes of grief and remembrance with an album dedicated to her late father. Haunting vocals set the scene as entrancing house beats create a backdrop that will let listeners dance their grief away. Stream Guy on streaming platforms here


Few artists have managed to earn the praise that Kaytranada, a longtime staple in the dance music scene, has earned in recent years. With a long career in the house and techno scene, Kaytranada is less of an artist you'll listen to once or twice, and more of a staple you'll keep coming back to for years to come. His 2023 album Kaytraminé, a project co-produced alongside Aminé, was one of my personal top albums of 2023. Stream Kaytranada's music here

Kaleena Zanders

When you think of disco, think no further than Bay Area vocalist and DJ Kaleena Zanders. With energizing and dynamic vocals backed by dance beats that can't help but get you up and moving, Zanders is defining what it means to create bangers in 2024. Her recent single "ME WITHOUT U" is sure to be a festival staple this summer. Stream her music here

FKA Twigs

FKA Twigs is one of those artists where if you know, you know. This British singer and dancer is behind some of the most iconic experimental tracks of the last decade. While she's not technically a dance music artist, her music offers a unique blend of influences from electronic and hip-hop to jazz and R&B. Her latest mixtape, CAPRISONGS, features some of the best of her career, including "honda (ft. pa salieu)" and "papi bones (ft. shygirl)." Stream her album here

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