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CAPOZZI  is a name that might ring a few bells – especially if you’re a Confession aficionado or simply tuned into the Insomniac live streams during the pandemic religiously like myself. Northern California native, Jordan Capozzi, is no stranger to music or the arts, but most recently has carved a name for herself in the house music scene as she’s smashed heavy-hitting release after heavy-hitting release year after year since 2018. From humble beginnings spinning some incredible sets during live streams to taking over music festivals with her effervescent energy, we caught up with CAPOZZI right before her, Tchami and a star-studded Confession roster took over Electric Zoo! 

iHeartRaves: Thank you for your time, CAPOZZI! First of all - you are an absolute legend. I’d love to start from the beginning! Tell us about your upbringing in the bay area and how that shaped your career as a musician! Who were your early influences, and when did you decide that music would be it for you?

CAPOZZI: The Bay Area has a huge independent music scene that was big in my upbringing. Both my mother and father have different taste in music and I feel like that also helped shape me. My father was a drummer and my mother had signed me up for piano lessons as a child. So music has always been very important in my houseHold. A lot of my friends growing up also worked in music and either had their own make shift studios at home or were being experimental with music.

iHR: What made you want to shift gears in your career to EDM & house music? Is there a defining moment in your life that gave birth to the concept of CAPOZZI? Who were some of your biggest influences there as far as sound? And was it easy for you to learn to mix/produce?

C: I decided to start Capozzi in 2018. I had always loved House music and since I had been previously exposed to “make-shift” studios it was pretty easy for me to mix/produce. I’ve been exposed to this since 2015, I’ve been around Dj Snake, Tchami, Malaa, and Mercer throughout the years so I’ve just been exposed to all different genres of electronic music and I just have always had a liking for House music.

iHR: Knowing how much you love fashion, I would love to hear about how you curated/landed on your aesthetic for CAPOZZI. How would you describe CAPOZZI fashion and what are some of your favorite festival fashion trends currently?

C: A lot of my fashion is inspired by my love for the whole word of the Matrix. When you come to my shows I want everyone to feel like they are experiencing that.

iHR: Ok back to the music! You first made a splash in the scene with your release SOS on Tchami’s Confession label, and now you’re going to be playing on the Confession Stage at EZOO! That’s a huge win! Tell us more about your connection with Confession - how did you first get connected with the label and how are you preparing for your FIRST EZOO? What are you looking forward to the most?

C: Tchami is family, I’ve been watching him become a legend before my eyes and seeing that inspired me to want to curate my music to a sound that was not similar but in the same world as confessions. I’m totally prepared. I have always to represent the family on every stage i play. So it’s always exciting when we are all playing in the same place!

iHR: What would you say was the most defining moment in your career as CAPOZZI? What can we expect from CAPOZZI In the future?

C: I think my most career-defining moment was playing the Pink Tent at Hard Fest in 2021. It was 4 pm, and it was ram-packed, and everyone going crazy my set was next level for me. So yeah, I’d definitely say that was it. As for the future… I can’t predict that, but I can assure you I will be coming harder each year, and I plan on getting better with time.

iHR: Listening to your music and knowing there aren’t very many female producers in the scene, I can honestly say I feel so inspired by your sound and just your entire essence! What would you say to the gals out there who want to maybe get into music or work in the music industry in general?

C: I would say if you want to do it just do it but do not feel the need to be everywhere and in everyone’s face. Being picky and choosy with what you do and how you decide to spread your energy is VERY IMPORTANT. Not everything or every opportunity is worth your energy and or what your brand is about.

Very well said! It was amazing to get to know someone with the impressive background and trajectory that CAPOZZI brings on AND off the decks! CAPOZZI is true pioneer in her own realm as a female DJ/producer with a unique look and sound, I'm excited to not only experience a proper Confession set from her at Electric Zoo but to see her evolve and become the fullest expression of who she is! 

You can check out CAPOZZI's music on all streaming networks here

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