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Nocturnal 2016 as an iHeartRaves Unicorn was the first time I ever camped for a festival and lucky for me, I had some seasoned campers leading the way. Two years later, EDC has opened their gates to camping and I’m so excited to try out the air-conditioned ShiftPods that will be my oasis during the exciting and hectic weekend!

Camp EDC offers two choices for tent camping: Moon Glow and Desert Rose, each with the capacity of up to four or up to two campers, respectively.  If you’re staying at Desert Rose, the checklist below should be modified to remove all bedding essentials as you already have a proper bed, linens, and pillows ready for you, the perfect option for out of state campers!

In my camping experience, I’ve found this list to be incredibly essential to not only having an amazing time but staying healthy and hydrated during all the excitement that is EDC!

Must Haves:

  • Earplugs: When you need some shut eye, but your neighbors are blasting music, these can be the difference between a good rest or a grouchy morning after.
  • Bedding: Including but not limited to sleeping bags, air mattresses with an air pump, extra blankets, and a pillow or two! Rest up and party on!
  • Toiletries: Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, shower supplies, hairspray, and perhaps a Dollar Tree mirror in case full glass is not allowed.
  • Toilet Paper & Hand Sanitizer: These are KEY to survival at all camping adventures.  Often times porta-potty toilet paper runs out too quickly as does the hand sanitizer. Protect yourself from illness and keep your sanity!!
  • Flag/Banner/Totem:  A festival flag, banner or totem will allow you to find your tent easily especially since all the tents will look identical
  • Sunscreen/Sunglass/Hats: Protect yourself from the harmful UV rays! iHeartRaves has a ton of new sunglasses styles.
  • 2 Travel Locks: Protect your belongings and prevent someone else from accidentally opening up your tent!
  • USB chargers: phone chargers, portable chargers, anything to charge your most important electronics! Camp EDC is prepared with several USB outlets in each tent!
  • Sports Drinks/Pedialyte: These are such a lifesaver and incredibly helpful to recover and stay hydrated before, during and after the event each day. The sun can be really harsh and draining and even trying to drink a lot of water can be difficult to stay hydrated! Pro tip: pack the powder packets so you can bring them inside EDC and add them to your water once inside
  • Hydration Pack: Don’t forget to grab a hydration pack so you can keep rehydrating throughout the festival. Insomniac has countless water stations both inside the event and at the campgrounds!
  • Towels & Sandals: Bring extra towels for the pool and for the showers and flip-flops as shower shoes!
  • Miscellaneous: Last key items include ibuprofen/Advil, anti-acids, vitamins, allergy medication, face masks, eye mask, lights, chairs, zip ties, non-perishable snacks and unopened chapstick.

Camp EDC Map

Remember to stay cool, stay hydrated, but have a blast!! Be safe while under the Electric Sky and look out for one another! Here’s to an awesome camping experience at Camp EDC!!!

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