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It was my first time at HiJinx, and yes I saw what all the hype was about! That was the second time I attended an indoor festival inside a convention center. The first was last year in Denver, Colorado for Decadence. I completely loved it there so I had pretty high expectations! Philly absolutely lived up in the same way.

Here's what made HiJinx in Philly so spectacular: 

1. The Space

With the Philadelphia Convention Center as the location, there was a very big and open space to hold all of us. Of course the closer you got to the stage, the tighter you were. But, there were PLENTY of areas to go if you wanted space, still getting an incredible sound and view. Personally, I don’t enjoy the music nearly as much if I feel too close for comfort, and don’t have the room I need to dance freely. Something that made HiJinx entirely fresh and unique for me was the fact that there was only one stage. Only one place for everyone to play. No conflicting sets. Just fire artist after fire artist and everyone in attendance radiating in the same energy, but experiencing it uniquely in their own way. What magic!

Hjinx Festival Map

Artwork/photo courtesy of Hijinx Festival

2. Convenient Accessibility to Everything

To my surprise, getting into the venue was a breeze both days! Even if they lines were a little lengthy, they moved quickly and within a nice flow and order. Security was thorough and respectful. The lines to purchase food, alcohol and/or water were practically non existent. The best part? So were the lines for the bathroom! Of course those were a bit longer, but truly, compared to other events it went by like a breeze. They were well kept and clean! There were Porta-Potty options as well, but if you wanted a real bathroom, you really hardly had to wait. Arguably the best part overall? In addition to a water station, there were multiple water fountains between each bathroom with… wait for it… wait for it… fresh AND cold water!!! It was so refreshing and delicious!

3. The Stage/Lights/Lineup

The stage was huge and so dope. The light show from each set were breathtaking. So truly transcendent. Each and every artist on the lineup really went the extra mile to deliver an unpredictable, creative and mind-blowing set. From day 1 I think I have to say my favorite set was GRiZ because out of all the times I’ve seen him, it was the hardest, most dubstep heavy set he’s ever thrown down and it was everything I wanted it to be and more. For day 2 I have to say the Excision b2b Slander set because, well, how iconic! I love witnessing something when it happens for the first time. That set was the perfect amount of headbanging and feelings as you’d expect and desire.

Lazers during Griz at Hijinx Festival

Photo by Santina Murin during GRiZ set!

4. The Company!

I truly feel so blessed to live this life as a part of the EDM community. I’ve never felt so understood, welcomed or accepted anywhere else in my life. To have so many beautiful friends to share these experiences with makes it all even better. It’s really what it’s all about. Finding yourself. Expressing yourself. Feeling the love of the community with your friends who are more like family.

Ravers at Hijinx Festival

Attendees at Hijinx Festival
5. My Day 2 Outfit

I felt so free, fun and cute rocking this outfit for Day 2! I was wearing and iHR x Rolita Delusion Thong Bodysuit, Neva Nude Black Vinyl Cross Pasties, and the Euphoria Galaxy Glider Combat Boots! I always feel so confident and comfortable in my iHeartRaves outfits!

Holographic Bodysuit with Mesh Top

iHeartRaves Outfit at Hijinx Festival

Like I said, Hijinx blew my already high expectations out of the water and I will most definitely be back next year! If you're on the fence about attending next year, check out this recap video:

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