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Do you hear that? That's the sound of The Gorge calling home 1,000’s of headbangers home for Bass Canyon. Breaking ground in 2018, Bass Canyon is a festival put on by the King himself, Excision, and is set to return for the third year in a row. Held at the beautiful Gorge Amphitheatre in Washington state, this is one headbangin' good time you don't want to miss. If you're curious on what to wear to Bass Canyon, iHeartRaves has you covered for all your Bass Canyon outfit needs!


Bass Drop Collection 

First things first - iHeartRaves has a collection that was curated specifically with headbangers in mind! You can choose from hundreds of items that will make you look amazing as you ride the rail! Shop Bass Drop.  

Break Your Neck Crop Top

Headbanger Cropped Tee


Here are some more outfits that I’ve curated that will get you looking ready to rock at Bass Canyon!


Basshead Queen

You can never go wrong with black. Period.

 All Black Festival Outfit

Midnight Beats Strappy High Waisted Bottoms, Black Leg Wraps

Iridescent Fairy

Want to shine in the hot summer sun? Choose bright, shiny, rainbow clothing to accentuate your personality.

Fairy Themed Rave Outfit
Iconic Iridescent Chain Harness, Silver Beam High-Waisted Harness

Finish Line Beauty

Mixing checkers with neon is one of the most trendy outfit combinations right now. Choose a neon color and pair it with black and white checkers - you’ll be sure to finish first. 

Checker rave outfit

Check on it High Waisted Shorts, Neon Yellow Leg Wraps, Checker Cross Pasties, Neon Ultra Fishnet Crop Top


May the Bass Be With You 

Check out iHeartRaves' exclusive t-shirt and tank top made with bassheads in mind! Perfect for matching with bae!

May the Bass Be With You Bodysuit and Men's Tee

Image Courtesy of @Alexapond_

One-Stop Shopping

If you're looking for a pre-styled outfit, check out the pre-made rave outfits available for you at iHeartRaves, like these badass outfits.

Headbanger Outfit

Headbanger Outfit

Neon PInk Matching Rave Set

Technologic Outfit

Stay Hydrated in Style! 

Don’t forget your hydration pack! iHeartRaves has tons of stylish ways to keep you hydrated.

iHeartRaves Fairy Hydration Pack 


Guys, don’t think I forgot about you. Make sure you check out the men's section for tons of options to look just as good as the girls. Heres what I'm wearing this year:

What do Guys Wear to Bass Canyon



There are still tickets available for this incredible, bass-packed lineup. 

Bass Canyon 2020 lineup


Get your tickets now, double-check your packing list for Bass Canyon, and come meet me at The Gorge! 

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