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Welcome to Bass Academy where you’ll be schooled in all things bass. This annual event is taught by USC Events here in the Pacific Northwest on Saturday, April 7th. Bring your pens and notebooks, you’ll want to take notes about this massive headbanger's event. 

ravers enjoying performance at Bass Academy 2018

Photo Credit: Turk Photos & USC Events

This is the fourth year USC Events is hosting Bass Academy and this year's line up is no joke. With Zomboy and Borgore headlining, this will be one of the most knowledgeable lessons yet. In years past, this class fills up quick so be sure to grab a seat and don’t come to class unprepared. 

Every time Zomboy is here in the PNW he draws such an immense crowd with ecstatic energy. The forthcoming lectures will guarantee success for their tests. Let’s not forget about Borgore now. He always brings out the wild and ratchet side in every bass head, so this Bass Academy is not one you’ll want to miss.

Bass Academy 2017

 Photo Credit: Turk Photos & USC Events

Bass Academy is known for its unique back-to-backs (also known as b2b for those who haven't attended the Academy yet). This year we have UZ B2B Stooki Sound, Phase One B2B Sullivan King, EPROM B2B Woolymammoth, and finally premiering in the Northwest, Kompany B2B Tynan. Northwest favorite, AMF will also be there testing your headbanging skills. These B2B sets are always a class favorite. Didn’t study? Well with teachers like UZ & Stooki covering trap, you‘ll surely succeed.

Bass Academy 2017

Photo Credit: Little Machine Productions & USC Events


This academy doesn't have an official dress code, but there's an unspoken code that black and blue are the colors you'll see most. Dress to impress your fellow classmates with iHeartRaves' newest collection, Electric Love. 


rave girl wearing black strappy outfit

Or, try styling some classic items like this look modeled @mobsterkitten! Outfit includes: Dark Matter Mesh Slider Top, Strappy Bottoms, Pentagram Pasties, Lace Top Thigh Highs


Registration for Bass Academy is now open (grab tickets here). Class will be held at the Tacoma Dome on April 7th, 2018 at 6:00 pm sharp! There isn’t summer school for this course and there are no do-overs! Don’t be tardy or you'll have to sit in detention with a major case of FOMO. 

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