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With its signature sparkly, form fitting pieces that look flattering on any rave babe out there, Roma is one of our favorite brands that we work with at iHeartRaves. When we get together to design new pieces that will be offered at iHeartRaves, we work with Roma to come up with styles that are fun, eye-catching and unique—which is basically how we want you to feel when you wear the pieces at your next rave or festival. We sat down and had a quick chat with Sahand Fard, a manager at Roma that helps make the magic happen for us here at iHeartRaves, to discuss everything from what makes iHeartRaves different to what trends we can expect to see pop up at festivals in the next year.

Peep our interview with Sahand below, and check out all of the iconic pieces that we just released with Roma on iHeartRaves today.


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iHeartRaves: What do you do with Roma?
Sahand Fard: My father and his partner being the founder of Roma, I basically grew up with the Roma [brand]. Currently I manage all of the production that happens overseas, I oversee our design team, and I manage our sales team. I get to do a bit of everything I love! 
iHR: Can you describe what Roma is to you?
SF: To me personally, it's my baby. Roma is a family business and we all work together so closely. Roma is a company that brings all of us together, including our employees that have been with us for 20 years! Many of our retail accounts have become like family to us. It puts a smile on our face to see all of us grow together. 
roma clothes
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iHR: What are some of your favorite pieces that Roma has done with iHeartRaves?
SF: IHeartRaves is a fun company. That's what comes to your head when you think of them. The designs, the fabrics, the colors, and the accessories - all come together for a consumer who is ready to have fun! So to answer your question, they're all my favorite! But if I have to pick 1 - I'd say the Off the Chain High Waist Booty Shorts and the matching Holosexual Chain Halter Top. Adding chains to a sexy set is like a cherry on top 🍒 [Editor's Note: These products are no longer available at iHeartRaves, but we recommend checking out the latest Roma drop here].
iHR: What are some of your favorite festival fashion trends?
SF: It's the underboob pop. Such a tease! 
roma bodysuit
iHR: What trends do you see popping up in the next year?
SF: I usually see a trend in full bloom when people were testing it the year before. I believe next year the hit will be using chains on the garment. They were often used in the 90's and it's coming back with modern day garments. 

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