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All Photos by Alexa S

For the second year in a row Woogie Weekend has left me feeling like it’s a cannot miss festival of SoCal. The DoLab is the curator of good vibes, and let me tell you, they were great at Woogie. The festival was more vibrant and more full than its first year and it’s exciting to see how it has grown. Some highlights of the weekends included this giant slip and slide, the way each stage lit up at night, and the new friends I got to meet. 

woogie weekend veteran doing tricks with a glass ball

This year I noticed a bigger mix of the types of people at the festival, which is really cool to see. It’s clearly expanding beyond the small group of LiB veterans. I even met a few people for whom this was their first festival ever. I think what makes Woogie a great gateway festival is its small and intimate vibes. It keeps you feeling safe while you push outside your comfort zone. It’s also just not a political festival, but welcoming to everyone.

Security this year was much tighter. Last year they must’ve had of people sneaking into the park, because this year they were definitely checking bracelets multiple times. I actually met two girls who tried to sneak in and they said they ended up having to buy wristbands. PSA: People, buy your wristbands. Save up if you need to because it’s bad karma to sneak into a festival. You’re just hurting someone else’s financials, and that’s rude.

The festival again this year reminded me of an adult summer camp. People picnicked and bought or brought their lunches and ate in the shaded areas. Hammocks seemed to grow out of the trees as they popped up all over the festival. There were water activities and almost everyone was there to watch if not participate in the contests. Everyone was having a great time no matter where they were! It was never too hot over the weekend, and the park actually offers a lot of nice shade to chill out in. The grass is an added bonus as well to keeping cool. 

woogies weekend ravers enjoying water games

Oak Canyon Park is a great venue in my opinion. It’s a total dead zone for cell service, which is a nice break from the buzz of every other day. It also allows for just small festivals, as the park is only so big. The camping is rocky yes, but very close to the vest open festival space, which is green and shaded in lots of areas.

 woogie weekend veteran preforming a light show for a fellow raver

Each night the festival culminates in a dance party. The two main stages have sets all day long, but it’s a different vibe once it’s dark and the stages come to life. There was also a third stage in the back for after-hours that was playing some drum and bass on Saturday night which was a sweet surprise. Hidden all around the camping areas there’s after hours spots as well. Woogie is a camping experience where you’re not really sleeping at night, you might take a disco nap or two though. 

I’m so glad I’ve been able to experience Woogie two years in a row since it’s first weekend. It’s really cool to be a part of how it’s developing and growing into an awesome festival. I ran into some people I met there last year and hadn’t seen since. I made some new friends that I’ll see at Woogie again, or another festival. Woogie creates the community that is important to the festival scene. I’m excited for each person that gets to experience and become a part of it. Cheers to next year Woogie! 

rave girl enjoying painting at woogie weekend

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