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Gem & Jam is a funky and fun music festival hosted in Tucson at the Pima County Fairgrounds. The festival takes place during the Tucson Gem, Mineral and Fossil Show, and while both are kindred spirits, Gem & Jam takes its own groovy spotlight by showcasing musicians and artists alike. It takes place for three days during the first weekend of February.

This year, it was from February 3rd-5th. Incredible artists such as LSDREAM, String Cheese Incident, The Floozies, Justin Martin and many more took the stage this year. All in all, Gem & Jam is an experience that is good for the soul as it opens up childlike wonder through the gems, art, music, workshops, and so much more! You inner child may want to experience this festival!

Here’s why your inner child wants to go to Gem & Jam:

The Music 

The music ranges from dubstep to funk to psychedelic to house to jam band and everything in between. There’s music for everyone to enjoy! This is the perfect festival to attend if you like to chill out and listen to jam bands in the day and then rage at night. Check out the lineup below to get an idea of what you might be in for in 2024! 

The Vendors 

So many incredible vendors come to sell their gems, jewelry, clothing, foods, elixirs and more! Shopping around and exploring what the vendors have to offer is half the fun! You’ll never know what you might find.

Gem & Jam is for everyone

This festival is family-friendly! If you have a child under 16, they can attend while being accompanied by an adult. Kids under 6 years old can attend for free. With that being said, this festival goes above and beyond to nurture and promote a safe and conscientious environment. It carries a “we’re all family here” energy!

You can bring whatever you need

You can even bring in your wagon! That’s right, Rave Mom & Rave Dad! You can bring in a wagon to hold your belongings safely, day or night. Pack your wagon to your heart's content with blankets, water bottles, backpacks, jackets, hula hoops, squishmallows and anything else that brings you comfort!

It's a learning experience

There are workshops and activities during the day that also fuel the soul! This year there were workshops involving sound healing, yoga, meditation, education, flow toy classes and so much more. LSDREAM even did a LIGHT CODE set filled with soothing sounds that were perfect for centering oneself and relaxing. Time to let the inner child out with heart-opening activities!

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Great food

The food and drinks bring so much joy! No matter your dietary preference or restrictions, there is something here for you! Nourishing your body is key when you’re grooving! Camping at a festival can take its toll! But in order to keep you hydrated and energized, Gem & Jam does not fall short on food and drink options. There’s even fun shops offering elixirs filled with delicious herbal remedies, vitamin concoctions, and electrolytes. 

Great vibes

Gem & Jam is hosted at the Pima County Fairgrounds. Although the fair rides are cleared out to create the venue space, the good vibes are felt through and through! The energy there is playful and exciting!

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