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Tiny Dancer and Mama Unicorn here. We got to experience Phoenix Lights Festival this year as festie besties on an out-of-state adventure and we have to say it was an incredible experience. Here are our top 6 out-of-this-world memories from Phoenix Lights festival April 7th - 8th, 2018 in Chandler, AZ. It's safe to say, we had an absolute blast.


The Kandi

The Arizona Rave Fam never disappoints when it comes to hospitality and good vibes. We can say without a doubt that these are some of the most PLUR ravers we're ever met! They've definitely abducted our hearts with some amazing hugs and kandi trades. From Aliens, to cacti, to spaceships and personalized kandi...PLUR was thriving all weekend long! We received so much kandi here that we will cherish along with all of our Phoenix Lights Memories.

Multi-colored Kandi Bracelet that says Jameson


Arizona Sunsets

There is something about the sunsets that are quite magical! Watching this party go from day to night with your festie bestie is quite a spectacle. Savor the daylight and chill vibes while you can because desert nights bring out the dancing machine in all of us!

Raver wearing black lace crop top and caged pink micro booty shorts with black hosiery

The Colony

If you ran into us at Phoenix Lights there is a 90% chance it was while we were in line for a slice of pizza or at The Colony. The Colony stage was hosted by Relentless Beats Deep and featured talented house DJs and producers including Cristoph, MK, Fisher, WIll Clarke, Green Velvet and many more! We couldn't get enough of this banging stage all weekend long and even made sure to grab some fresh RB Deep swag the their merch booth. The colony was definitely our home planet for the weekend and where we made the most memories.

Ravers Wearing Alien Themed Outfits with Alien Pasties, Black Mesh Criss Cross Halter Tops, Purple Mesh Halter Top and Clear Vinyl Skirts

 Photo Credit: @jveronetm @tmvision_media // Ravers: @jessicakslep@tinydancer88_, @mamaunicorn175@maddiflows 

The Theme

The theme of Phoenix Lights festival is all about aliens and UFOs and we were all over it. We even matched our day one outfit to the theme. From the stage names to the art, the vibe was apparent. There were times where we felt like we were on another planet. 

Rave Girls Wearing alien themed outfits with black, criss cross mesh halter tops, alien pasties and clear plastic skirts with black leg garters
Out-of-this-world Outfits: Criss Cross Electric Net Halter Top, Space Babe Skirt, Micro Cut Out Booty Shorts


Not only was the theme rad, but the convenience and ability to move around the festival from stage to stage was a breeze. Security and ticket check were seamless for us each day and we enjoyed how easy it was to go from lounging in the grass at the Mothership to dancing under the arches of the Colony. 

The People

The Relentless Beats attendees are one of our favorite things about Arizona in general. We go to a lot of festivals and we meet a lot of people, but there is something about the Arizona Rave Family that makes us always feel like we're at home. We spent the majority of the daytime roaming around the festival meeting all the awesome people and we even made some friends for life. We're so thankful for all the friendly, courteous and PLUR people we met this year and can't wait to be back to reunite with them again soon.

Group of Ravers at Phoenix Lights Festival

Not to mention the people were amazing, but Mama Unicorn even made friends with a cactus we named Chad. Even the plant life in Arizona makes us happy.
Raver hugging a cactus

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