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Electric Forest is a multi-weekend festival that takes place in Rothbury, Michigan each June. Forest is known for its wide genre of artists, incredible art installations, and hidden surprises waiting for you around each corner. It can be an overwhelming experience when you first step into the Forest, so you’ll want to be prepared to make the most out of your weekend. Here’s 5 Must Do’s at Electric Forest 2018:

Take Time to Explore the Forest

This is something I can’t stress enough! Once you step inside the festival grounds you’ll realize how expansive the forest actually is. My first year I made the mistake of staying at the stages all day and didn’t give myself enough time to soak everything in. There’s surprises waiting for you everywhere, make the time to find them!

Exploring at Electric Forest

Bring a Gift for the Giving Tree

I mentioned this in my last blog post, Electric Forest Prep 101, but don’t forget to bring a gift for the giving tree! The giving tree is an Electric Forest tradition. All you need to do is bring a small gift (the more thought the better) and place it on the giving tree inside the festival grounds. After leaving something, you get to choose a little gift for yourself from the tree. You’ll never know what you might find there!

Giving Tree at Electric Forest

Check Out all the Art Installations

The art installations are by far my favorite part of Electric Forest. Artists from across the United States apply to feature their art in the Forest, and they pick the best of the best. They range from as small and detailed as the gnome garden pictured above to the giant wooden sculpture down below. The installations are fun to look at and are great photo backgrounds too!

Artwork at Electric Forest Music Festival

Discover New Artists

I know all your favorites are going to be at Electric Forest, but hear me out. You’ll most likely be able to see your top picks at another festival, so why not branch out and check out other artists? There are over seven stages at Electric Forest with sets going constantly. Chances are you’ll find a new artist to add to your favorites in the process!

Electric Forest Stage at NighttimePhoto Courtesy of Electric Forest

Support the Vendors

Electric Forest is a dangerous festival if you love shopping like me. There are vendors from across the US selling unique items you won’t be able to get anywhere else! Don’t forget to stop by the Electric Forest merch tent as well!

Electric Forest During SunsetPhoto Courtesy of Electric Forest


See you all in the Forest!

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