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Often thought of as a male-dominated space when it comes to artists and DJs, EDM is actually full of incredible women creating music of all genres. Everyone knows Alison Wonderland and Charlotte DeWitte but there are some new up-and-comers making waves. From house, techno and bass beats to singing vocals on original and featured tracks, these ladies are certainly ones to watch. 

1. Aviella

Aviella is a vocalist who has been featured on tracks with some big names in EDM such as Slushii, ARMNHMR, and Barclay Crenshaw.

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"To me, being a musician & vocalist allows me the ability to share my lyrics to touch other people’s lives, which is very humbling. In addition to continuing features on many EDM tracks, I’m currently working on creating music for my own “Aviella” artist project...I’m so excited to see what the future holds!! I’m extremely grateful for all of the love and support that I have received thus far in my journey! It means the world to me to be able to create in the EDM community, where every person can feel free to be unique and individual- and where we all come together with one another to share the important values of peace, love, unity, and respect!”- Aviella  


2. Boiish

Boiish is a tech-house duo with perfect party tracks;  bringing the heat to warehouse parties, festival art cars and most recently- live streams. 

"Kristin and I met sitting across from each other at work, and would exchange music throughout the day, usually gravitating towards house music and indie dance tracks. Kristin is a multi-instrumentalist, and I played piano and sang growing up, so I’ve always had an ear for music. We used our bond as friends alongside our similar interests in music to start producing tracks together after work, just for fun. The production of tracks turned into us planting the seed of finding ways to start playing those tracks and circulating our music without having an entire live set up and production. Simultaneously we were able to borrow a friend’s DJ gear, taught ourselves how to use the gear, and would play small house parties for our friend group. The energy that we received from seeing our friends hyped up - forgetting the world around them and just unapologetically enjoying themselves - while we were throwing down a set brought us to the next phase of Boiish, which was continuing to DJ, hone in on our craft, and bring that same energy to crowds beyond just our friend group (even though those parties will always be one of our favorite places to play)!

We also recognized from the very beginning of this project that a lot of the scene is occupied and dominated by male duos, and that we can create space for a duo that is comprised of two strong females who can spin, produce, and have an outlet as artists, and while doing so not boxing ourselves into one genre and creating the indie dance/house sound that we’re currently building now.

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My favorite aspect of producing music is having an organic outlet that directly correlates to my emotions and how I can evoke those emotions in our audience. When I’m having a bad day and need to lift myself up and just dance, it shows in the tracks we’ve created. When we’re taking large, uncomfortable, or scary steps in our personal lives outside of boiish, the tracks we’ve created (many of which have yet to be released at the moment) reflect the epicness of our personal lives, and can be felt within a song from that time period. I listen to artists that I am inspired by and recognize the way their music makes me feel, and my favorite part of production comes down to trying to replicate that emotion in myself and hope that it can be projected onto at least one other person who listens to our tracks as we continue to grow." - Amanda

Check out their dance anthem People Wanna on Spotify. 


3. Wenzday

From bumpin' booty house to ratchet bass, you never know what you're going to get with a Wenzday set and that is exactly why her sets are so much fun.

"In my life, I have these mini mental moments linked to a songs I have heard at that time. These songs create a visceral response that takes me back to that experience. I’m hoping my music can help recreate that feeling with my listeners.

"My favorite part of playing live is providing my fans a temporary escape from their troubles—Even if only for a brief moment when everyone realizes they are surrounded by like-minded individuals and enjoying a certain song or drop is especially why I love what I do!" -Wenzday


4. Emileen aka @Love.You_Em

Emileen's soulful voice and catchy lyrics are a real treat. When listening to her music you feel like you know her, like she's got your back, ya know?

"My name is Emileen and creating music is my biggest passion. My most recent project “Good Girl” was released as a Pop/EDM EP with 7 songs that all had a fun energy of their own. I’m currently working on a new album that is more raw and feelsy but still brings a good vibe with EDM elements. I’m excited to continue my journey with my music career and look forward to growing as an artist." - Emileen


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 Listen to Em's latest release here. 


Joshua said:

My girl and I love Wenzday’s music. Ty for the list, we’re going to check out the others!

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