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Not to brag, but if there's anyone who knows what's going to be hot in rave fashion in the next year, it's us. There are so many amazing designers and brands in the rave and festival world, and we're constantly wowed by the designs that are coming out every year. We have some ideas for what we'll be seeing a lot of on the dancefloor in 2023, and we'd love to share them! Here are some predictions (and possibly some hints sprinkled here and there) of what's to come this year. 

Earth Tones

This year we're bringing out all of the fairy vibes with earth tones and neutrals. We're loving these sparkly earth-toned looks this year that draw inspiration from things like sunsets and the night sky.

Woodland Fairy Top and Skirt

Lace Flowerfields Marabou Outfit

Dimensional Daze Bodysuit

Midnight Sparkle Sequin Outfit


I personally think that hearts are always in style, especially around Valentine's Day, but there are tons of heart styles popping up in rave wear these days, so it's definitely becoming a trend! Here are some of my favorites to pick from: 

Love's A Mesh Pastel Outfit

Rad Romance Bra Top With Charms



Fairy outfits and fairycore are always in style, especially in the festival scene. U can either dress this look up in a full on costume to channel ur inner woodland fairy, or u can put together parts of it to create a cute look with a fairy vibe. Here are some faves below!

Lace Flowerfields Dress Outfit  

Forest Nymph Halter Lace Bodysuit Outfit

Trippy Prints

There are tons of ways to add trippy prints to ur outfit, and the good thing about these styles is that they always go with the rave vibe so u can wear them for a long time. Here are some fave trippy prints that are in this year! 



Reflective rave clothes

Reflective pieces are an awesome way to add texture and uniqueness to any rave look. The style has been around forever, but new pieces are constantly coming in that are changing the vibe. Here are some faves for 2023!


Happy Hour Rainbow Reflective Outfit

Be Balanced BB Rainbow Reflective Outfit

Voltage Vixen Outfit

Augmented Reality Reflective Outfit

Lightning Flash Reflective Outfit

Unique Cut Outs

We're all aware by now that cut outs are IN thanks to Maddie on Euphoria, but with so many pieces out there, unique cut outs and cut outs with shapes in them are going to become a big thing in 2023. Picture heart cut outs, or cut outs with different shapes that add dimension to a piece like these ones you see below: 


Quantum Quest Outfit

Drop The Beat Recycled Fabric Outfit

Spunion Rings Outfit

Melty Fantasy Outfit


Robes go in and out of style when it comes to trend cycles, but in my opinion they're never a bad idea. These are great for when you want a light cover up but don't want to commit to a jacket, plus they look cute with ur outfit. Here are a couple of robes that just hit on the iHeartRaves shop, which are perfect for any vibe! 

Tripp Out Robe

Trippy Tide Robe

Dimensional Daze Hooded Robe


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