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Finally, the long-awaited 2021 festival season has started up as COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted around the country. While it might be some time until things are completely back to where they were pre-pandemic, I'm excited to get back to what I love—traveling, going to festivals, styling lewks and vibing to my favorite music all summer long. I've had a lot of free time to check out the latest festival fashion trends and am excited to see these brought to life this festival season. Check out the trends below with some tips on how to incorporate them into your own looks at your favorite festival this summer.

2021 Festival Fashion Trends

Tie Dye

tie dye rave clothes

Cotton Kandi Clouds Underboob Top & High-Waisted Bottoms

In 2020 two piece tie dye lounge sets had a major moment, and although we're swapping our lounge wear for rave wear in 2021, tie dye is here to stay. Some of my favorite tie dye pieces from iHeartRaves include these two-piece sets (here and here) as well as these high waisted bottoms, this mesh top, and a face mask to match.

Tie dye is a very loud print, so try to stick to one stand out piece or a two piece set as your base. Pair it with a staple color like white, neon or pastel to compliment the color scheme. You could also pair it with a pattern like this trippy fan to create eye-catching symmetry in a super unique look.


y2k pants

Tied Up Ruched Pants

The twenty-year trend cycle has come full-circle, and 2021 has all of us channeling our inner Paris Hilton with pieces like these absolutely unreal ruched pants. Some of my favorite Y2K pieces this season are this very Elle Woods-esque two piece (here and here), this bikini set that looks like it came straight out of a Lisa Frank fever dream, and these ombré sunglasses. Honorable mentions go to this goth girl patchwork crop top, these baby butterfly earrings and, of course, an elastic choker.

Animal Prints

plus size crop top

Butterfly Connection Halter Top

Animal prints are always in, but depending on the season the type of animal print tends to vary. This season we can expect to see a lot of cow print and (surprise!) butterfly print. iHeartRaves has so many cute butterfly print pieces to mix and match, so I can't wait to see what all of the rave babes do with them this summer.

Some of my favorites include this side tie mini skirt, these reflective bottoms and this groovy crop top and high-waisted booty short set.


pastel hair extensions

Get Bradified Pastel Me More Hair Extensions

Pastels don't really go out of style, especially in the summer time, but iHeartRaves has recently added a ton of adorable pastel pieces to its collection. Pastel pieces match well with holographic clothes and accessories, so you can mix and match these pieces for a fun, eye-catching look.

Pair a holographic outfit with a pastel wig and accessories, or cover the look with a mesh pastel two-piece like this pink mini skirt and crop top set. I also love this lavender tank romper as a base, with a pair of pastel holographic sneakers to match.

Face Masks

festival face masks

Butterfly Face Mask

Whether you like them or not, face masks are here to stay for the 2021 festival season. Anyone that's ever been to a dusty desert festival already knows how much face masks come in handy during festival season, and luckily iHeartRaves has tons of cute masks to match any festival look. Shop our collection of face masks here, including pastel, neon, tie dye and butterfly print masks.

Bucket Hats

flower bucket hat

Daisy Dreamz Bucket Hat

Bucket hats go in and out of style every few years and this year they are very much in. These laid back hats are the perfect accessory to keep the sun off of your face on a hot summer day. A few of my favorites include the Daisy Dreamz bucket hat listed above, as well as this pastel pink one and this tie dye one.


neon bodysuit

J. Valentine Neon Snake Spectrum Bodysuit

Summer neons never really go out of style, especially when it comes to rave clothes. iHeartRaves has tons of cute styles in a range of neons that pair well with other summer trends like tie dye or all black. Neon rave clothes should be considered staple pieces because you can do so much with them year after year and they'll always look on trend. Some of my favorites include the neon bodysuit pictured above, this neon mesh cut out mini dress or a staple piece like this neon coral underboob crop top.

All Black

 mesh bell bottoms

 Holo Star Mesh Bell Bottoms

When in doubt, you can't go wrong with a timeless, all-black look for your favorite festival. I'm apprehensive to include this on a list of trends because black never really goes out of style, but you can't create a style guide without including a staple like this. That being said, an all black fit doesn't mean boring. There are tons of shapes, cuts, fabrics and styles you can play with while sticking to an all-black color scheme, or you can add a pop of color in the piece to create a stand-out look like with this mesh off-the-shoulder top.

The holo star mesh bell bottoms pictured above are a cute way to make an all black look unique and original. The little pops of reflective stars on the pants will shimmer all over the dance floor, while the outfit itself is sleek and sexy.

'60s and '70s

 mushroom tshirt

Perfectly Dazed Mushroom Tee

Just like Y2K, the '60s and '70s are back in fashion—especially for festival fashion trends. This summer you can expect to see a lot of bell bottoms, denim, and crochet looks around festivals as people recreate the styles that were popular during the Summer of Love in 1967. I love this pair of Fringe Suede High-Waisted Booty Shorts that pairs well with the Perfectly Dazed Mushroom Tee for a laid-back hippie look.


 reflective crop top

Radical Reflective Chain Crop Top

Reflective clothing is still very much in, and iHeartRaves is the place to shop for some of the best reflective looks. Some of my favorite reflective styles are the reflective crop top pictured above, these reflective chaps, and these incredible cyber goth reflective rave pants that look like they came straight out of a '90s warehouse rave.

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