August 18, 2022 | 0 COMMENTS

This year is the tenth anniversary of Firefly Music Festival, and we are so excited! With artists like Porter Robinson, Green Day, Zedd and Dua Lipa, this year’s lineup is stacked. The festival takes place from September 22-25 and you can get tickets here. So what do you wear to a festival with such a wide range of music? There are countless options!

While Firefly is an alternative festival, the fashion has moved a lot more toward rave styles in the past few years when it comes to the fashion you'll see there. Last year, we saw a lot of mainstream EDM trends like mesh and booty shorts. There are some killer DJs on the 2022 lineup, including the late addition Seven Lions, so don’t be afraid to go all out. Try something bold, like the Trip Of My Life Outfit!

Waking Dream Outfit

Watercolor Eyes Outfit

We’re predicting more trendy pieces to appear at Firefly this year, specifically reflective gear and chaps. The Crazy Daisy Reflective Cut Out Top totally fits the Firefly vibe, especially when it’s paired with a matching skirt! Mini skirts are a great way to get a little more coverage from your outfit and complete the look.

Chaps will be another awesome piece to have at Firefly. Not only are they trendy and super versatile, but they are a great way to transform any outfit from day to night. Throw on the I’m Unorthodox Cross Stitched Chaps when the sun goes down! You’ll be warm enough and they’ll give your fit a little more edge to match some of the alt rock headliners.

Cypherpunk Outfit

Now that Firefly has moved from June to September, trying to beat the heat doesn’t need to be such a priority. It’ll still be warm during the day, but we won’t quite feel the blazing sun like we did in the earlier days of the festival. It’ll also get a little cooler at night, so you might want to pack some warmer pieces. The Say My Name Ultra Crop Top will go with any outfit and help you stay comfortable when the temperature drops. It’s also smaller than a regular sweatshirt so that you can fit it in your hydration pack!

This lineup includes many emo bands we couldn’t get enough of in the 2000s and early 2010s. This is the perfect time to throw it back to your Tumblr days and dress for My Chemical Romance or All Time Low. Think fish nets, chains and all-black fits like the Most Wanted Outfit. You could also channel another featured artist, Avril Lavigne. She’s been known to rock a plaid skirt like the Treasure The Funk Plaid Mini Skirt with her pink hair extensions.

Super Shuffler Outfit

When in doubt, just wear what makes you comfortable. Firefly, like most festivals, builds a very accepting community. Good luck choosing the perfect style, and get pumped for another fantastic year of Firefly!