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Raving is fun, we already know that. But what happens after the party ends? We usually feel at our lowest once we arrive home and all the hype disappears, especially if you are a +25 raver like me. So let me help you with some tricks that might be useful for the next time because when it comes to a music festival, there is always a next time.


When I started raving, everytime I went to a festival my body decided to get ill. A veteran raver told me his secret and once I started following it, my problem was fixed. I started taking vitamins some days before the rave and that was a life changer! Pre rave and post rave vitamins are going to help you through the process. 

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Know your limits

Be patient with you and your body. If you feel tired during the rave, take a moment to rest. Eat before or during the rave and do your stuff safely. If you're tired, take a break! There is nothing wrong with listening to your body and giving it the rest it needs and deserves. That just means you can keep going longer! 

Stay hydrated 

Before, during and after the festival, hydration is an important step to win this battle. Either if you prefer to drink alcohol or not, water is going to make a huge difference. If you are a drinker, make sure to find balance between water and alcohol, this is going to prevent a hangover the next day. If you don't drink alcohol, assure your body to work well and hydrate yourself. Take care of your body! 

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Take a bath 

Getting into the shower is going to help you recover as fast as possible. Hot water is going to help you relax the muscles and get rid of the symptoms of tiredness and help you reactivate.


Rest. We are not superhumans! Your body is tired, going to a rave involves getting out of our routine and our body feels that. Sleep as much as you need to recover strength. 


After a crazy weekend it’s time to spoil yourself. Meditation, deep breath exercises and face masks are a good way to start. Enjoy your recovery! You can watch your favorite TV show while you use some aromatherapy or massage your feets while you check the festival pictures.

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Get comfy! 

Make sure to wear clothes that help your body and mind to feel better. Baggy clothes, oversize shirts or your favorite pajamas are the way to go. Wrap yourself into a blanket and listen to what your body says. 


Help your body to recover energy. You've been dancing, walking and exercising, you need those nutrients back and even if you´re not hungry, getting something to eat is going to make you feel better. Promise! 

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Meds if necessary 

It’s super common to wake up with a headache the day after the rave, maybe you partied too hard or the music was super loud. Over the counter drugs are a good option if you need a little help to cheer up. 

Stay cool 

Catch some air. Open the windows and let the air ventilate your space and your mind. This is going to help you feel fresh and renewed.