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Festival season is in full spring and one that all hardstyle fans need to head to is Wasteland. Presented by Basscon, this festival features a lineup full of the hardest and heaviest hardstyle DJs. Want to dress to impress at Wasteland? Check out this outfit inspo guide to get ideas on what to rock at Wasteland!

Cyberpunk vibes

Cyberpunk totally fits the vibes for a festival like Wasteland. Here are some outfits that fit that Cyberpunk and edgy look. The new Sunflowerraver collab has all the pieces you need to rock that style. To turn any outfit into this style, you can pair leg warmers and sleeves with an outfit you already have to give it that cyberpunk look. Cop some edgy looking shades and your outfit will go hard all night!


Reflective Print

If you want the print of the look to be the star of the show, finding reflective pieces and prints that glow in blue light is great to wear to a festival like Wasteland, where the production and lights will reflect all over your outfit.


Fairy vibes

Although the music at Wasteland will be going hard all night, you can totally bring some softer, fairy vibes into the crowd! You can’t ever go wrong with pastel colors or butterfly and flower print for rave outfits. 

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