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April 07, 2019 | 2 COMMENTS

I get a lot of questions about wearing platforms, especially from girls who have never worn them before but want to rock them at their next event. The main reason I wear platform shoes (other than the fact that they are freakin' cute) is that I'm very short. They make it easier for me to see the stage, look more level next to my friends when taking photos AND it makes it sooooo much easier to talk to people when you're closer to their height! Music festivals are always pretty loud, so platforms can actually make it so people can hear you better (especially if you're a shorty like me). Additionally, platforms are very flattering making you look taller and leaner. 

From knee high platform boots, to thigh high boots, to traditional platforms, here are some of my personal tips for the best results with wearing platforms: 

Walking in platforms is not actually very difficult as long as the platform is completely flat like this: 


Demonia Sharp AF Platform Boots

Platforms with a slight heel may take some more experience before getting used to. Notice how the toe and heel are not the same height: 

Hella Holographic Platform Boots

Hella Holographic Platform Boots

Sometimes platforms (especially those that are covered in glitter) can be scratchy near the ankle. I try to wear socks or hosiery that go above the ankle. Thigh highs or fishnet tights are always a good option for those since they're stylish and functional!

Demonia Chunky Holographic Purple Platform Boots

Demonia Badass Chunky Platform Boot

I would NOT recommend platforms for festivals that have uneven terrain....especially if it has a massive hill like The Gorge in WA. Not to say I haven't done it before...but if you do make sure to bring a pair of back up shoes and rent a locker. Also, make sure you have assistance walking up and down hills.

Platforms work best on flat hard ground. The NOS Event center (where most California Insomniac events are held) is a great venue for platforms, especially if it's you're first time wearing them. If you're unsure about if you'll last the whole 10-12 hours as a festival, try wearing them out to a bar or club first. From there you can rock them an indoor concert and eventually work your way up to a full-blown festival.

Lastly, most platforms don't have much support in them. I highly recommend getting some insoles (try your local shoe store or Target) ....your feet will thank you!

There are no rules when it comes to rave fashion, anyone can wear platforms even if you're on the taller side (YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE TO BEST VIEW OF THE STAGE!). If you wanna rock em', just do it and embrace the rave queen you are!

Here are some of the hottest platform styles available right now on iHeartRaves:

Womens Shoes Demonia Heart Buckle Pink Glitter Platform Boots

Looking for some adorable, glittery, thigh-high boots? These Demonia Heart Buckle Pink Glitter Platform Boots are an adorable option and will match with all kinds of rave outfits!

holographic iridescent strappy buckle platform boots

For a pair of lace up ankle boots with a holographic sparkle, check out these Demonia White Holo Harness Platform Boots! These beautiful babies also are available in black. 

Womens Shoes Demonia To The Groove Chunky Heel Platform Shoes

Add a staple to your festival closet with a pair of platforms that will match almost any outfit! Check out these Demonia Dance to the Groove Chunky Heel Platforms  

Demonia Black Strappy Super Stacked Chunky Platforms

Likewise, these Demonia Super Stacked Platforms are another simple, yet classic pair of platforms that can be rocked at festivals again and again.

Womens Rave Sneakers YRU Holographic Neon Green Platform Shoes

For a less traditional platform look, check out these YRU Black Matrixx Platform Sneakers.

Sparkly Thigh High Boots that Glow under UV Light

Looking for Knee High Platform Boots that glow under a UV Light? These sparkly, Demonia Work it Platform Boots are the perfect option!

Good luck ladies! Make me proud :')


Nicole said:

Great advice! Wish I had this before a fest last year. I thought it was a good idea to wear my platforms & there were sooooo many hills. I fell on my face multiple times then eventually changed back to my boots. Don’t attempt on hills until you’re a pro!

Kendra Wilson said:

Thanks for showing us how to wear platforms they look so cute and comfy but I afraid I would fall but with this article I’m more confident to wear them! Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️

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