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Mixing and matching some of my favorite items from iHeartRaves and some other brands, I’ve put together a bunch of cute looks to rock at Imagine Music Festival in Atlanta! 

Imagine Music Festival: a three-day, camping, electronic dance music festival held in Atlanta, GA. This year, the festival is taking place September 22-24, 2017. Last year it moved to a new location, the Atlanta Motor Speedway, where over 25,000 attendees christened the new venue. The festival is aquatic themed (I love me a good theme) and the venue boasts a pool to escape the heat.

Here’s some looks I’ve come up with for the festival! Which one is your favorite?

Squad Out! Sequins are the biggest trend right now, and they shouldn’t just be for the ladies! This mermaid inspired look has a matching look for the guys! The cute dust masks are a great way to create unity among your squad if you all want to do your own looks, but have something that ties them all together! 

mermaid inspired festival outfit

Party Monster Sequin Skirt: iHeartRaves

Disguise Shell Mask: iHeartRaves

Mermaid Sparkle Bikini Top: iHeartRaves

Bubbly Sequin Racerback Tank: Marek + Richard

Mermaid Goddess Perhaps a little over the top, but who cares? use the open space of this bodysuit to rock some glitter or a predesigned body jewel set. Take the look from basic to beyond with blue lips and mascara. Because you’ll have such vibrant colors in your makeup, avoid adding much more beyond the lips and mascara. Eyeshadow and glitter might make the look too cluttered.

 mermaid goddess inspired festival outfit

Calypso Criss Cross Bodysuit: iHeartRaves

All In One Body Jewels: The Gypsy Shrine

Color Mascara (Blue Dream): NYX

Liquid Sueded Cream Lipstick (Jet Set): NYX

Maybe I’m Under the Sea, Maybe I’m Not I always like to throw options that aren’t typically rave-y to inspire those who don’t like to wear bodysuits or pasties. Everyone feels comfortable in different styles. This is also a look that isn’t so stand-out-on-theme. It has subtle nods to the aquatic theme, in the shell choker and Ariel scrunchie (to be worn as a bracelet but doubles to put your hair up when you get hot!). I also chose this Mac red lip to add a color pop as well. While MAC lipstick is expensive, the matte red is the best red I’ve ever had. I own no other MAC products except this splurge.

all black mermaid outfit inspiration

Tuila Crop Top (black): Motel, $32, Buy it Here

Black Rose Leggings: iHeartRaves, $44.95

Qozmo 2 Platform Shoes (Black): YRU, $119.95

Little Mermaid Shell Choker: Hot Topic, $8.50, Buy it Here

Little Mermaid Ariel Scrunchie: Hot Topic, $8.90, Buy it Here

Lipstick Matte (Russian Red): MAC, $17.50, Buy it Here

Captain of the Rave Seas It’s pretty simple to take a basic bodysuit and turn it into a whole look with a few accessories! The awesome part is how adaptable it is then, to whatever theme! You can wear it over and over again and make it look brand new! There’s two colors of this body chain, rose gold and black, and I actually think the black would look cuter with this look. Then use the gold glitter all over, on your arms, maybe your legs and chest too!

sea caption outfit inspiration

Hologram Velvet Bodysuit: J Valentine, $49.95, Buy it Here

The Goddess Body Chain: iHeartRaves, $14.95, Buy it Here

24Kayy Glitter: Lunautics, $9.95, Buy it Here

Adult Yacht Captain Hat: Amazon, $6.48, Buy it Here

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