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Quarantine has definitely brought out the creative sides of many people. With so much time indoors, now is the perfect time to try out artsy projects! This article will be your guide on how to bring your old rave fits (or new ones) to the next level with tie-dye! 

Recreating new rave fits with tie-dye is really simple! You can buy tie dye kits from Amazon. This is the kit I bought - It comes with all the necessities like rubber bands, bottles of dye, and gloves. There are lots of supplies for multiple projects so gather as many items as possible that you want to recreate. 


Here's How to Tie Dye A Shirt At Home: 


1. Find a white shirt or another article of clothing

I started with this white Yin & Yang shirt, which can be found here. This was a great shirt that worked as a canvas for the tie-dye since it is white. There are many guides online and even in the kits that provide you with ideas for different tie-dye patterns. I wanted to do the classic spiral for this shirt so I pinched the center and then rotated the shirt until it bunched up.

spiral tie dye pattern


spiral tie dye pattern

2. Tie The Shirt

I then secured the shirt with multiple rubber bands that came with the kit. 

The kits are simple to use; you just need to add water to the bottles! The dye is already inside the bottles and they are labeled with the color for convenience. 

spiral tie dye pattern

3. Apply the Dye

Then the fun begins! You can take whatever color you want and apply it to any part of the wrapped-up shirt. Make sure that you are working on a surface that you don’t mind getting stained since it can get a little messy. I laid a piece of cardboard underneath to catch any excess dye. 

Purple and Pink Tie Dye Spiral Pattern

I applied the dye to one side of the shirt, using as many colors as I wanted and applying it all over, making sure it soaked it up well. You can use whatever color you prefer and in any amount, it’s your time to get creative! Then you flip the shirt over and repeat.

blue and purple tie dye shirt


4. Wrap the shirt in plastic wrap

Once both sides are soaked completely with the dye, take a sheet of plastic wrap and cover the shirt up completely. This will help the shirt absorb as much dye as possible and ensure that the dye doesn’t dry up. You should let the dye sit for at least 6 hours, longer or shorter depending on how saturated you want the dye effect to look. 

tie dye shirt in plastic wrap


5. Let the shirt dry

I let the shirt sit out for at least 6 hours. After letting it sit to absorb the dye, unwrap and rinse the shirt off with hot water. This will rinse off any excess dye that wasn’t absorbed. Let the shirts dry completely by hanging them up and then it's done! This shirt turned out really great - I thought the design was perfect and the colors were exactly what I wanted! 

Yin and yang tie dye crop top


Overall, I thought that this was a really fun at-home project that anyone can work on to change up their old rave clothes! It was relatively quick and given that this was my first-time tie-dying anything, I thought that the process was super easy. The shirt turned out great and it is a one of a kind rave fit that I could rock to a festival or show or even out in public!

Model wearing Yin and yang tie dye crop top

I definitely recommend ravers to try this out, whether you’re looking to turn your old rave clothes into something new or even give your rave friends something unique. Changing up your rave clothes is also a great way to gift your rave friends! This is a fun project to work on while stuck at home and to share with your friends.

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