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With the weather getting warmer and festival season coming in hot, this summer is the perfect time to hit up Sonic Bloom, taking place at Hummingbird Ranch in Colorado. It will take place over the span of four days from June 16th to 19th. Here is everything you need to know before making a trip to Sonic Bloom!

The Venue

Sonic Bloom has been held in five different locations and they are finally able to call Hummingbird Ranch their long term home! Just 2.5 hours south of Denver, this location is the perfect spot that combines technology and music with the beauties of nature. There’s shady trees, cool creeks, and beautiful views of nature here at the festival grounds.

You can enjoy some of the most talented DJs while overlooking the summery air and landscape in the background. What better way to spend a summer weekend than to listen to some of the best beats and see some of the best views of nature at the same time? There are some rules and regulations that should be respected for the neighbors and environment so make sure to read about them here before heading to the festival!

The Tickets

There are different levels of tickets that are still available for sale here such as GA, VIP, early entry and more. You can also choose to have some upgrades for camping like pre-setup tents and nicer tents, or even RVs. You can find the different options here and purchase tickets for them as well.

The Lineup

Sonic Bloom features some of the best DJs at this festival; some of the headliners performing are Tipper, Yheti, Schlump, Lab Group, and many more. The sounds at Sonic Bloom are experimental and trippy and combine that with the setting makes it a completely different experience than any other festival.

The Events and Arts

Sonic Bloom promotes creativity and individual artistry in many different ways. People come to this festival with amazing outfits as well as decking out their campsite. There are many different activities at the festival site that you can participate in, such as painting, informational sessions, yoga, DIY crafts and arts, and much more.

Sonic Bloom is the perfect place to explore after getting your festival fix and to see what everyone has to offer, such as in knowledge sessions and helping you create your own craft. Even if you aren’t checking out the DJs, there are plenty of events and activities that will keep you busy all weekend long.

What to Wear to Sonic Bloom Festival

The vibe at Sonic Bloom is very laidback, and even though it is a big festival the style is definitely less glam than other events. Channel your inner flower babe and wear one of these fits that have comfort and fashion in mind:

Freaky Forever Outfit

Watercolor Eyes Outfit

Flower Fairy Outfit

Groovy Love Outfit

Wild West Enchantress Outfit

Feelin' Funky Outfit

Ride The Wave Outfit

Eco Practices

With Sonic Bloom taking place over a beautiful piece of land, there are definitely environmental practices and initiatives in place that can help preserve not only this festival grounds, but anywhere where nature has something to offer. Sonic Bloom strives to be zero waste and works with teams to successfully executive a zero waste event by cleaning up and making sure to recycle and choosing local as much as possible. Read our guide to leaving no trace here.

It is important to do your part and to leave no trace, by taking everything that you brought with you home or to responsibly dispose of it in the trash, compost or recycling. They encourage attendees to choose rideshare and carpooling options if possible and even have a place on their website to coordinate ride shares with other people, which you can find here.

Sonic Bloom is a festival that showcases some of the best DJs with trippy music styles as well as embracing the beauties that nature has to offer with the amazing venue and campgrounds, which makes it unlike any other festival. For those that want to experience something new and different, make sure to head to Sonic Bloom this summer!

On top of the festival experience, you get to take part in an amazing culture and community of creatives and participate in various activities- it is so much more than just a music festival, it is a weekend long of new experiences and amazing people! Tickets are still available so make sure you cop yours before it sells out and get ready to be immersed into a universe where music meets nature.

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