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Tik Tok has exploded in popularity over the last year and has been a staple during quarantine. If you’re unfamiliar with the app, think Vine, but better. The app allows users to express themselves through short video clips. Want to expand your Tik Tok following in the rave community? Here are some popular woman raver accounts that are sure to make your day!



Baby Succubuz is the epitome of alt-girl realness. Her incredible styling and video editing skills make her Tik Tok account a must-follow.


 Tripp X IHR Black With Reflective Wide Leg Pants

2. @aviellamusic

When you hear "I know this pretty rave girl," Aviella comes to mind! She is perfectly PLUR and her blend of fashion and singing videos give you a great glimpse into her life and career.


 Transcending Lucent Speed Clasp Skort Set

3. @sunflowerraver

From styling festival hair and makeup to hilarious videos about festival culture, sunflowerraver's posts will always bring a smile to your face. 


 Baby Ur A Star Oversized T-Shirt

4. @rave.witch

Badass style and fabulous festival themed videos are rave.witch's specialty. Come to her page for all things rave culture and fashion.


 Toxic Fire Crop TopToxic Fire High Waisted Bottoms

5. @queen_sarlotka

From styling outfits for every festival under the sun to creating hilarious videos about dating and festival culture, you could scroll queen_sarlotka's feed for hours. 


 Celestial Cutie Ultra Crop Long SleeveCelestial Cutie Mini Skirt

6. @leblunt_

The absolute queen of rave mom/ rave baby videos. _leblunt_ captures everything about rave culture from types of EDM music to festival moments. 


 U Got It Cami Crop TopU Got It High Waisted Booty Shorts

7. @jump_n_pump

If you want to learn how to shuffle, check out @jump_n_pump! She has tons of great tutorials and awesome inspirational dancing videos. 


 Star Raver Reflective Ultra Crop TopGirl Power Tribal Reflective Triangle Top, Girl Power Tribal Reflective Booty Shorts

8. @koryowleyes

When it comes to styling, there are few who rival koryowleyes. Her unique take on outfits, hair and makeup is a must-see!


Like Totally Y2K Plaid Crop TopLike Totally Y2K Plaid Low Rise Mini Skirt

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