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Howdy, partner! The fashion trend that keeps on giving is the one and only cowgirl/cowboy/cow person look.

Firstly, and probably most importantly, you have got to have a hat in the classic rodeo style. Since this trend has been around for a few years, the selections available have increased dramatically from the original choices of picking up a hat from a party store. You can choose from classic styles, nighttime friendly LED, blinged out rhinestone and shiny iridescent hats—such as the Hot Girl Thang Iridescent Cowgirl Hat. Make sure you find a hat that you are dying to wear because, after you, the hat is going to be the star of the show.

Dashing Starlight Unicorn Outfit

The next part of this look that will scream “YEEHAW!” is going to be a set of chaps. You can choose from either chap shorts, like the Roma Hollywood Starlet Short Chaps, if you are going to a festival that you know will be kind of toasty or for cooler shows, pick from a variety of long legged chaps like the J. Valentine Ride It Out Fringe Mesh Chaps. The important detail to note when looking for chaps for a cow person look is the shape of the pant leg. To give your outfit more of a western look, you want to pick a pair of chaps that are snug around the thigh area and flair out past the knee rather than the alternative jogger-type style of chaps (see Cue The Applause Speed Clasp Chaps” for reference) that say more “motocross” than “getalong.”

Starlight Diva Outfit

After these two key features, it is really whatever stays, goes. For the ladies, pick a set that matches your hat or chaps, or have your hat and chaps match and pick a set that is a completely different color. It really all works! Extra points do go towards sets featuring either cow spots, plaid or paisley print, like the Paisley BB Cami Top and matching high waisted bottoms. For the gentlemen, a shirtless look with a vest is a must. Choose a vest with material featuring the classic brown faux leather look or spice it up with fun colors and prints.

Rave Cowgirl Outfit

Finish off your outfit with some western inspired pieces. A looped fringe belt—like the Show It Off Fringe Belt—and a bandana are the cherry on top to your rodeo themed fit. Feel free to play with the placement of your bandana, such as around your neck, bicep or thigh. Add some star stickers all over your body for a little bit of fun and slap on a pair of cowgirl boots as long as you can dance without hesitation. For the light whip flow artists out there, this is the perfect opportunity to whip out that whip and become the ultimate rave cow girl/boy/person.

For a modern glam twist to the cowgirl look, take a cue from Dua Lipa and forget about all the accessories except the hat and boots. Find yourself a rhinestone covered long sleeve bodysuit with shoulder pads and you’ll be ready to werk it all night long.

Y’all be good, now.

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